Global Trends26 June 2018

Food Pioneers – Learning From the Innovators22 May 2018

PlantPower! Seizing opportunities from the vegan and plant-based sector24 April 2018

Food to Go – Exciting Innovations and Well Packaged Inspiration27 March 2018

Healthy Eating, Healthy Revenue27 February 2018

Trends: Fashions, Flavours, and Fascinating Figures30 January 2018

FreeFrom for the Future12 September 2017

Unwrapping Packaging and putting it at the heart of NPD27 June 2017

Better Connect with the Emerging Consumer #Millennials16 May 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Taste …25 April 2017

Nutrition Deep Dive Masterclass7 March 2017

Winning At New Product Development8 February 2017

Food & drink trends 2017 and beyond8 November 2016

UK food & drink industry’s post-Brexit Briefing Day11 October 2016

UK FreeFrom food & drink industry summit20 September 2016

Brand innovation workshop & masterclass21 June 2016

Global Taste Trends Summit17 May 2016

Nutrition and Wellness Summit19 April 2016

Even Better NPD Strategy8 March 2016

Winning Ways With Health Claims9 February 2016

Global Food and Drink Trends Summit1 December 2015

Unlocking the power of insight for innovation & NPD10 November 2015

Freefrom – Tapping into a new healthier lifestyle13 October 2015

Post SACN Briefing Day with Dr Carrie Ruxton23 September 2015

Product Innovation In An Omnichannel World14 July 2015

Creating High Performance Innovation Teams28 May 2015

Breakthrough Innovation14 April 2015

Nutrition and Wellness Summit12 March 2015

The Fuzzy Front End Of NPD10 February 2015

Food & Drink Trends 2015 and beyond11 November 2014

Food & Drink Packaging Innovation Summit16 October 2014

Freefrom Grocery & Foodservice Summit10 September 2014

Putting insight at the heart of NPD11 June 2014

Sugars & Sweeteners Masterclass8 May 2014

Private Label vs The Brand3 April 2014

How do we set up NPD to succeed?6 March 2014

Seminar Archive : 20139 October 2002


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