Introducing Doctor Seaweed – Weed that is Anything but Weird!

June 30, 2018, 5:00 pm

Heralded for its unrivalled potential, seaweed is a sustainable food source that delivers abundant health benefits. Pioneering the way, is marine biologist and wild seaweed harvester, Dr Craig Rose, AKA Doctor Seaweed®. On a mission to help consumers understand seaweed’s properties, use it and love it – Doctor Seaweed is initially launching four certified organic products under the Weed & Wonderful™ brand.

Love seaweed

Doctor Seaweed’s range of Weed & Wonderful products are delivered in fun, friendly and convenient formats; making it easy for everyone to fall in love with the nutritional and great tasting properties of seaweed:

• Organic Scottish Seaweed Capsules – promoting wellbeing through this naturally rich source of iodine, supporting metabolism, cognitive health and thyroid function. This supplement contains specially selected Organic Hebridean Ascophyllum seaweed powder and nothing else!
• Pure Scottish Seaweed Infused Oil – this organic seaweed infused rapeseed oil is a healthy and simple way to benefit from seaweed’s pure sea goodness. Drizzle over salad leaves and steamed vegetables or use in a stir fry to enjoy umami flavours from the sea.
• Smoked Seaweed Infused Oil – this naturally oak smoked organic seaweed infused rapeseed oil is a fantastic flavour booster. Enjoy over grilled fish, roast vegetables, egg dishes or dips to add a genuine mild smokiness to any dish.
• Intense Smoked Seaweed Oil – this culinary essence is created for chefs and at-home gourmands wishing to experiment with distinctive, intensely smoky and umami flavours, to add in the final stages of cooking or drizzled over the finished dish.

Rediscover a forgotten food

With greater nutritional value than many land-plants; seaweed contains a broad range of minerals, vitamin groups, amino acids and essential fatty acids as a foundation to a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

Weed & Wonderful’s seaweed is specifically selected for its natural iodine levels. This trace element is essential to our wellbeing – yet it is little understood. As our bodies are unable to generate iodine, it must be obtained through our food intake. A significant percentage of the UK’s population are currently iodine deficient, with 76% of teenage girls having a diet insufficient in this essential nutrient. Weed & Wonderful provides a simple and tasty introduction to the benefits of seaweed.

Sustainable solutions

Seaweed is an environmentally sustainable resource, which requires no fresh water and grows at 30-60 times faster than traditional crops. Our early ancestors started eating seaweed around 2.5 million years ago and it has been enjoyed by a multitude of cultures ever since. The unparalleled combination of minerals and omega 3 in seaweed and other seafood, were responsible for the evolution of our modern brains – an impressive achievement in anyone’s book!

From sea to store
Weed & Wonderful’s organic seaweed is sustainably wild harvested in the Scottish sea lochs around the remote islands of the Outer Hebrides. These pristine waters are carefully monitored, managed and have been granted exclusive harvesting rights from the Crown Estate.

• Unique Production
Weed & Wonderful’s seaweed is carefully dried and milled using Patent Pending technologies, resulting in high quality, nutrient rich products. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away.

• DNA Authentication
As part of the wide range of nutrition and safety tests, every batch of seaweed is uniquely DNA Authenticated, ensuring full and transparent traceability.

• Leading Research
The academic brains behind Weed & Wonderful are leading numerous research projects with their University partners to enhance our understanding of seaweed’s multiple health benefits when incorporated into your everyday diet. With so many proven properties to its name – seaweed is definitely not some flash-in-the-pan, foodie fad.

An ocean’s bounty

Doctor Seaweed explains the driving forces behind the brand; “I have spent my whole life being fascinated by the ocean and its many secrets. Seaweed has a vital role in the food chain and I believe can offer many sustainable solutions to help improve our lives and general wellbeing. A growing number of consumers are aware that seaweed is deemed to be a healthy food option – but sadly, many people don’t know what to do with it, yet. I’ve created a range of creative, consumer-friendly products that demystify seaweed’s incredible properties.”

Seaweed isn’t weird – it’s wonderful!


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