Full-Bodied Fruity Nut Drinks With Everyday Appeal

May 17, 2018, 12:42 pm

For a pioneering juice business well accustomed to leading from the front: the UK’s first HPP juice provider, the first single varietal apple juice, the UK’s original fruit/coconut water blends… it’s fair to say that even Coldpress, the cold pressure pioneers of Chiswick have been a little blown off course by the rapidly escalating success of their NEW fruity nut milks launched in Waitrose (April 18).

The task at hand wasn’t easy; entering a historically dreary ‘sackcloth’ sector and creating a 5-strong flavour range which married healthier living and mainstream appetite appeal with compelling flavour profiles in easily accessible (on-the-go) single portion bottles.

Coldpressed – Raspberry, Pear, Beetroot Almond Drink/ Spiced Oat Almond Drink/ Blueberry, Cherry, Guarana Almond Drink/ Banana Raw Cacao Almond Drink & Strawberry Oat Cashew

Stocked in Waitrose, Ocado & other leading food retailers: 250mls/RSP £1.99

As a proud, Made in Britain (Wales!) juice manufacturer it was important to make our juices best-in-class in every imaginable way. For one thing, we rejected old-school heat treatments (pasteurising), recognising that the heavy-handed nature of invasive heat impacts heavily on both the flavour notes and nutritional worth of our meticulously assembled recipes. There little point circumnavigating the planet for the very best ingredients if you then treat them with disdain.

Even regarding the small matter of the all-important almonds, we insist on making our almond pastes fresh on site unlike so many of our peers who settle for pre-prepared powders.

In essence, Coldpress understands that the health-conscious consumer is more label literate than ever before and as such simply isn’t prepared to settle for lazy, sub-standard ingredients, unimaginative/poorly balanced flavour profiles or nutritionally vacant recipes.

Whilst we hope our fruity almond milks are a godsend to the blossoming dairy intolerant/free from fraternity, our goal wasn’t simply to appease the too often underappreciated food minorities but to also broaden the appeal of nut drinks to foodies, gym seekers, health aware commuters, nostalgic milkshake admirers, time-poor commuters and cash-conscious students



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