Fast Feed: Hemp Seeds Take The Lead

March 25, 2018, 6:36 pm

Hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants, and looks set to be putting down roots in the food industry. First on our radar back in 2016, hemp seeds are in the spotlight again this year as new regulations make it easier to grow hemp commercially and chefs become aware of their signature taste. Unlike its infamous cousin marijuana (which we have covered before), hemp is a strain of Cannabis sativa with no psychoactive effects; however, this has not stopped legislation making it difficult to grow commercially. Thankfully, markets across the world are now opening up to the possibilities of hemp, and this means a wider availability of seeds.

With the smooth, creamy texture of food lovers’ favourite the avocado, and a subtle flavour not unlike sesame, hemp seeds are a surprisingly versatile ingredient that can add an interesting component to salads and desserts. In Los Angeles, taco stand Medtillas is already serving up shredded beef in hemp-infused taco shells, and hemp-seed company Fair Food’s recipe list features burgers, doughnuts and pancakes containing hemp, going to show how truly versatile the little seeds are. Plus, compared to vegan favourites such as lentils and tofu, they contain over twice as much protein per serving, at around 36% compared to tofu’s 16%, making them an excellent addition to the diet of anyone pursuing a plant-based lifestyle.

In Tasmania, off Australia’s south coast, the aforementioned Fair Foods is one of the latest companies taking advantage of new laws allowing the sale of hemp seeds in their home country. Founders Nathan McNiece and Tim Crow see their mission as tackling the problem of creating a sustainable source of protein to feed the world’s growing population. With our planet now home to nearly 8 billion, the world may indeed need these seeds.


Image courtesy of @fairfoods

Content: courtesy of Flavour Feed


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