Starbucks just made some major changes to their food that will make vegans very happy

January 7, 2018, 10:30 am

Source: The Mirror

The New Year is here, which means everyone’s friends, family, colleagues and the cat’s mother are all giving up one thing or another for the next month.

Never one to miss a trend, Starbucks have revamped their menu to fit in with the new health fad, introducing four dairy-free alternatives on their coffee menu, and a plethora of new free-from and vegan food.

From 4th January, Starbucks stores across Europe will be offering oat as a brand new milk alternative – joining almond, coconut and soya already on the menu.

If you’re still eating meat, but jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon this January, there will also now be a Chicken & Pesto Gluten Free Panini up for grabs, costing £4.49 for takeaway.

For protein-fanatics, there’s some tasty looking fruit and nut bars, like dark chocolate and hazelnut, or apple and cinnamon, both £1.69.

But Starbucks aren’t alone in launching a new vegan menu, with the likes of Crussh, Chipotle and All Bar One also announcing new animal-free options for the New Year. We’ve listed out some of our favourites below.


Crussh have launched the first to market vegan toastie ready for the January health rush, which is served with red pepper on spelt sourdough.

Ticking all the health kick boxes, the unique sandwich will set you back £4.25, and sadly, is only available in London.

All Bar One

According to All Bar One, vegan dishes accounted for around 7% of meals sold across the entire of 2017, and in Veganuary alone, they served over 30,000 vegan dishes.

This year, they’ve added some exciting options to their vegan menu, such as Supergreen Laksa, Chilli Non Carne Tacos and Lentil and Cashew Dahl.


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