Ikea to improve chicken welfare with new sustainability scheme

January 12, 2018, 6:00 pm

Source: foodbev.com

Ikea Food Services AB has introduced a new global sustainability scheme that promotes better welfare for chickens.

Called the Better Chicken Program, the plan contains a set of requirements for more sustainable chicken production in the Ikea food supply chain, addressing animal welfare, public health and environmental impact at the farm level.

The supermarket said it aims to ensure broiler chickens are raised with adequate space and lighting, leading to improved health outcomes.

It said it will work towards responsible use of antibiotics and address key environmental impacts such as deforestation and pollution from manure.

The Better Chicken Program criteria are to be implemented in two stages based on feasibility: certain criteria have a 2020 deadline, and final compliance with the scheme is expected by 2025.

Ikea Food Services health and sustainability manager Jacqueline Macalister said: “Following two years of research and development, I’m delighted we now are sharing the Better Chicken Program, the first of our sustainable agriculture initiatives for farm animals, which demonstrates our commitment to driving positive change in the food industry.”

The Ikea Food Better Programs are global, developed with input from experts, NGOs and suppliers and set out the company’s minimum requirements for sourcing.

In a statement, Ikea said: “The launch of the Ikea Food Better Programs is important for our ambition to offer a wide range of good, healthy and delicious food, sourced in a responsible way and affordable for the many.”


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