Could Crossushi be the biggest food trend of 2018?

January 8, 2018, 6:00 pm

Source: Evening Standard

With every new year predictably comes some weird new food trends.

Take 2017 for example.

There was no shortage of “unicorn food” (glitter gravy, anyone?), people thought it was acceptable to eat a Yorkshire pudding burrito and Waitrose began stocking vegetable yoghurt but 2018’s first weird food trend might just take the biscuit.

The concept hails from the American bakery, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, and is sold at the chain’s stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seoul in South Korea.

Slated as a “California Croissant”, the sesame seed-topped pastry houses a smoked salmon, wasabi and pickled ginger nori seaweed roll and comes served with a Kikkoman soy sauce sachet.

Predictably the reactions on social media have been mixed. Some users have stated they “can’t wait to try it” but others definitely aren’t into it.

Admittedly, this isn’t a completely rogue trial from the bakehouse. It does in fact have experience of creating a successful croissant pairing.

It’s currently home to the Cruffin (a croissant and muffin crossover) and there’s no shortage of love surrounding that delicacy on Instagram.

Could their latest invention prove as popular? Time will tell.


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