Ingredient Spotlight: Karkalla

December 10, 2017, 10:24 pm

Also known as pig face, or beach bananas, owing to their banana-like shape, karkalla is a sea vegetable that has been eaten for centuries by Australia’s coast-dwelling Aboriginals. With slim, succulent leaves and a spicy and salty flavour – akin to samphire – this indigenous ingredient can be eaten raw, or added to fish dishes for a salt substitute that shouts of the shore.

Television chef and author Kylie Kwong uses the leaves in stir-fries, but you’ll also see it on the menus of Cirrus and Quay in Sydney. Firedoor in the city’s Surry Hills district, uses it alongside samphire in its dish of pipi clams and green garlic. Find it in food markets, or alternatively in sand dunes and rock faces along Australia’s coastline.


Images: Courtesy of Pexels, @lochieeatsoz and @cocottedining via Instagram

Content: courtesy of Flavour Feed




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