Butchers urged to support British turkeys

October 23, 2017, 2:30 pm

A turkey supplier has called on butchers to stop selling imported turkey ‘butterflies’, calling it a threat to the traditional British turkey sector.

A call for butchers to adopt the stance of all major supermarkets in supporting British turkey for 100 percent of their fresh offer has been made by supplier Kelly Turkeys.

In recent years, butchers have begun selling imported turkey ‘butterflies’. The supplier said this presents a “serious and growing threat” to the whole traditional British turkey sector. A turkey butterfly is a whole turkey breast opened up, with all bones removed, giving a joint of white breast meat.

“I know it’s easy and very profitable but selling imported butterflies is taking a short term view,” said Kelly Turkeys director Paul Kelly.

“If local farmers cannot sell enough turkeys, they will stop producing them and independent butchers will be left with a supply base that will offer them no point of difference to the major retailers.

“In supplying premium traditional turkeys direct to their local butchers, British turkey farmers are providing a unique offer that these independent butchers should hang their hats on and market to the utmost.

“This is what consumers want. They’re really not expecting to be sold eastern or western European butterflies for the most important meal of the year.”

Major supermarkets support British turkey for 100 per cent of their fresh offer, but independent retailers are not doing the same, according to Kelly’s Turkeys.


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