Vivid matcha range

Vivid Matcha to launch three new flavours in Waitrose

September 27, 2017, 3:15 pm

Vivid Matcha Green Tea is to launch three new ready to drink flavours in Waitrose from September. Available in 330ml on-the-go cartons will be Blueberry & Blackberry, Lime & Ginger and exclusive to Waitrose – Elderflower & Elderberry.

All three will be widely available in 150 branches nationwide building on Vivid Matcha’s relationship with Waitrose with whom they’ve been working with since 2014.

Taste and functionality were key in the development of the three new fruity variants which contain added superberries; fast-rising[1] blueberries and the on-trend elderberry – well known for their positive associations with mental and cognitive benefits.

The new product development joins the already popular Original Unsweetened, Lemon Unsweetened and Elderflower Unsweetened ready-to-drink cartons.

Vivid matcha range
Vivid matcha range

The new look packaging is clean, on trend, and has been created to drive greater appeal with their core consumers of adults looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

There are many other health benefits of a routine intake of green tea too, including reducing the risk of heart disease[2] and cancer[3]. It also contains potent amino acid to help build muscle tissue, for a more natural post-workout energy drink.

Vivid Matcha’s ceremonial grade has a higher content of the amino acid L-theanine that is proven[4] relieve stress and has a relaxing effect without the drowsiness – a healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks. The certified organic matcha green tea is sourced from fields in the Kagoshima region of Kyushu, Japan.

Founder of Vivid Matcha, James Shillcock says: “Consumers are looking for healthier drinks but still want the hit they’d get from a cup of coffee or energy drink without the crash – matcha green tea provides that natural sustained energy for the brain and body. The launch of our new flavours is taking organic, ceremonial matcha to the mainstream by providing healthier drinks that taste really really [sic] good.”

Vivid Matcha made the decision last year to remove all sugars and sweeteners from its drinks – its Unsweetened variant is now the UK’s number one[5] matcha drink.

Every 300ml carton contains 1gram of ceremonial matcha green tea powder and less naturally occurring sugars than coconut water.

With their strapline ‘Sharpen Your Mind’ Vivid Matcha is set to lead the matcha green tea market. The three new Vivid Matcha Green Tea variants (330ml) will be on shelf in 150 branches of Waitrose from September. Other new products are due to launch later this year.


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