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Tangerine back on the big screen following success of TV advertising launch

September 26, 2017, 3:13 pm

Tangerine Confectionery, the creators of a wide range of much-loved retro confectionery, is bringing the Softies range back to screens this autumn as part of a £1m investment in its branded sugar portfolio, demonstrating the business’ ongoing commitment to driving category growth.

The TV advertising campaign will place a spotlight on the new Fruit Salad Sour Softies and showcase the revitalised branding on both Fruit Salad and Refreshers Softies, soft and chewy twists on retro favourites.

From the 1st of October consumers will see the adverts appearing on channels including Sky 1, ITV 2, Dave, E4, Comedy Central and Drama, and in between prime-time programmes such as Coronation Street, The Big Bang Theory, CSI:New York and Celebrity Juice.

The series of adverts are expected to be seen by 4million people per screening, with 15million advert impressions over the four week period.

This significant advertising investment follows the extension of the Softies flavour range in May 2017, which saw the new Fruit Salad Sours introduced, tapping into the sour flavour trend.

Consumers are looking for confectionery to surprise and delight which has manifested in the rise of extreme flavour experiences, such as indulgent, exotic and sour. In Tangerine’s recent research, it was identified that sour sweets are incredibly well placed to become part of consumers’ regular repertoires, performing better than a wide range of the most popular sweet types, including fruit pastilles and jelly babies.

The soft gum sector is also now worth approximately £266m and demonstrating a 1.9% growth rate year on year*.

Russell Tanner, Marketing and Category Director at Tangerine Confectionery, commented: “Confectionery is uniquely placed to cater for all the family, and even sweets typically associated with childhood still play an important role for adults.”

One trend that taps into this sentiment is ‘kidulting’, which sees adults looking to recapture the simple joys of childhood. Tangerine conducted research into this trend which revealed that simple pleasures like eating sweets helped adults reconnect with their inner ‘big-kid’.

Softies barratt
Softies campaign

Tanner added: “As manufacturers of some of the nation’s best-loved confectionery brands, the research didn’t surprise us – we knew the compelling power of sweets for transporting us back in time.

“Softies is our most significant piece of NPD in recent years tapping into the strong and positive associations sweet lovers have with our heritage brands. Refreshers and Fruit Salad are childhood favourites loved by everyone and we’ve been excited to give them the Softies treatment.”

The Softies range, first launched in 2015 as a soft and chewy twist on retro confectionery favourites, have been given a design refresh to bring back the iconic colours and patterns of the original brands, including the classic pink and yellow swirls of Fruit Salad.

The range’s array of flavours is being extended with the launch of new Fruit Salad Sours in 160g (MRRSP* £1.49) and 120g (£1 price mark) formats, to respond to the growing consumer trend for sour sweets.

Fruit Salad Sour and Refreshers Softies are available to purchase now in Asda, and original Fruit Salad Softies are available in Tesco stores, as well as a wide range of independent retailers and convenience stores.


*IRI 16/07/17 data

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