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Schär gluten free launches seven new products into UK supermarkets

September 21, 2017, 8:32 am

Schär, the UK’s fastest growing gluten free brand,[i] has added seven delicious new products to its range. These latest launches, which follow previous bakery and bread releases seen from the brand in H1, demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to bringing choice and innovation to gluten free consumers in the UK.

Schär is making its debut into the UK bakery mix category with the launch of the Mix It! Universal, an all-purpose flour mix. The mix is the first gluten free all-purpose flour of its kind to launch in UK supermarkets. Already a favourite amongst Schär’s continental customers, this versatile product will be launching just in time for the return of the Great British Bake Off, giving gluten free foodies the opportunity to enjoy gluten free baking at home. Currently, the UK bakery mix category is worth £7m and growing 10% year on year[ii] – an exciting time to be part of this fixture.

Schär Chocolate Shorts
Schär Chocolate Shorts

Schär is also delighted to announce the launch of the first-to-market gluten free Waffles, available in Tesco stores from now. The company has also released three new and delicious chocolate biscuit lines and a new High Fibre Crisp Bread into Asda and Waitrose stores.  The biscuit products include: The Schär Chocolate O’s, Schär Luxury Chocolate Biscuits and Schär Luxury Chocolate Biscuits.

Schär’s latest launches continue to draw on the company’s heritage in bread, with the new Schär Deli Style Seeded Loaf hitting shelves from now. Bread accounts for 18% of gluten free category sales with Schär currently the number 1 contributor to sales in the category, accounting for 77.6% of bread growth.[iii]

In addition to this fantastic variety, Schär’s new products ensure gluten free shoppers have no need to compromise on taste or quality, with recipes inspired by expert bakers, and using only the best quality ingredients.

The new product launches include:

Schär Waffles: They can be warmed in the toaster and are ready to eat in just 30 seconds. 4 waffles per pack (Now available in Tesco, 100g. RRP: £2.00)

Schär Deli Style Seeded Loaf
Schär Deli Style Seeded Loaf

Schär Deli Style Seeded Loaf: A great-tasting seeded loaf with a blend of 5 grains and seeds; including buckwheat, rice, linseed, sunflower and chia seeds. High in fibre and low in saturated fat. (Now available in Tesco, 250g. RRP: £2.00)

Schär Mix it! Universal – all purpose flour mix: The first of its kind in UK supermarkets, this versatile gluten and wheat free mix is suitable for sweet or savoury baking. Suitable for vegans. (Now available in Waitrose, 500g. RRP: £2.00)

Schär Chocolate O’s
Schär Chocolate O’s

Schär Chocolate O’s: Formerly known as Mini Os, these snacks, now made with an improved recipe, contain a soft and creamy vanilla centre, sandwiched between two light and crunchy biscuits. Now available in a larger 16 biscuit pack. (Now available in Waitrose, 165g. RRP: £2.10)

Schär Chocolate Shorts: Bite sized biscuits, topped with scrumptious dark chocolate. 16 biscuits per pack (Now available in Asda, 150g. RRP: £2.00)

Schär Luxury Chocolate Biscuits: crisp biscuity base, generously coated in luxurious chocolate. 12 biscuits per pack. (Now available in Waitrose, 200g. RRP: £2.60)

Schär High Fibre Crisp Bread: A buckwheat based, nutritious, on-the-go snack. Suitable for vegans and low in fat, 21 crispbreads per pack. (Now available in Waitrose, 125g. RRP: £1.35)

Schär Mix it! Universal – all purpose flour mix
Schär Mix it! Universal – all purpose flour mix

Bradley Grimshaw, UK Managing Director of DR Schär UK comments: “We are delighted to be the first gluten free brand to release an all-purpose flour mix into UK supermarkets. The launch of the Mix It! Universal comes at a time when the UK bakery mix category is growing strongly year on year, and we are excited to be offering customers something completely new. We are also pleased to extend our range to include the first-to-market gluten free Schär Waffles, once again providing genuine innovation for our customers.”

Bradley concludes: “With 50% of households’ now buying gluten free, it has never been a more exciting time to be part of this category. We are thrilled to be able to offer an extended selection of delicious, high quality products to help satisfy this increased consumer demand.”

Schär Luxury Chocolate Biscuits
Schär Luxury Chocolate Biscuits

The product launches are being supported by large scale, above the line activity, as well targeted marketing and PR to raise consumer awareness of the new products through both social and traditional media.


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