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New matcha green tea powder to launch in Tesco

September 20, 2017, 8:49 am

Vivid Matcha is to launch new certified organic matcha green tea powder sachets. For the first time, matcha green tea powder will be widely available in Tesco UK and Ireland, sold in single-serve sachets of ceremonial grade powder.

The term ‘ceremonial grade’ means it’s the highest grade available providing a smooth taste without bitterness and containing the highest levels of polyphenols and L-theanine.

This pioneering move with Tesco will create a total of 1,100 new distribution points in the UK for independently owned Vivid Matcha, securing its position as a category leader.

With a starting RRP of £5.95 for seven individual serves, these convenient new sachets are perfect for both on-the-go and multiple consumption occasions and will make matcha green tea powder affordable and accessible to all.

Vivid Matcha Organic Green Tea Powder will also be available in a 30gram pouch exclusively in 510 Tesco stores at £15. This larger format is already very popular with loyal fans of matcha green tea powders who consume regularly at home or throughout the day at work.

Vivid Matcha is investing heavily into a marketing campaign to support the launch including guerrilla sampling, press ads and in store activity to reach millions of UK consumers with combined activities.

The company has also appointed new social media and PR agencies.

Paul Mumford, UK Sales Manager at Vivid Matcha said: “Green tea is the fastest growing hot beverages category at +6.2%[3] in value versus the -3.9%[4]  fall in total tea as shoppers seek healthier caffeinated alternatives. Vivid Matcha Organic Green Tea Powder is set to capitalise on this trend as it provides 10 times more antioxidants and flavonoids than regular green tea. There has also been a significant drop in volume across the take home tea category at -6.1%[5] driven by an increase in on-the-go breakfast occasions, circa 30%[6] of shoppers now buy breakfast on the go. Vivid, the matcha experts, are now providing the opportunity for consumers to enjoy it anytime, anywhere and at an affordable price point.”

Matcha Vivid
Vivid Matcha

The matcha trend is booming in the UK with matcha lattes, ice cream and even doughnuts on the menu in city centres. Hugely popular with both foodies and health conscious consumers, the growing popularity and demand for matcha is evident on influential Instagram feeds.

Ideal for busy health conscious consumers on the go, these single serve sachets conveniently contain the right dose for one drink. Simply tear open and tip the contents directly into hot water for a brew, cold water for a refreshing iced tea, as an energy boost in a smoothie or even enjoy stirred into porridge at breakfast.

There are many health benefits of a routine intake of green tea too, including reducing the risk of heart disease[7] and cancer[8]. It also contains potent amino acid to help build muscle tissue, for a more natural post-workout energy drink.

The certified organic matcha green tea is sourced from fields in the Kagoshima region of Kyushu, Japan. Vivid’s ceremonial grade has a higher content of the amino acid L-theanine that is proven[9] relieve stress and has a relaxing effect without the drowsiness – a healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks.

James Shillcock, Founder of Vivid Matcha said: “Consumers are looking for healthier drinks but still want the hit they’d get from a cup of coffee or energy drink without the crash – matcha green tea provides that natural sustained energy for brain and body. As leaders of the matcha category our mission is to take matcha mainstream and our Tesco launch is a major milestone in that journey. We are growing the matcha category by offering fantastic value; great quality at a great price and investing into brand and education –  we will do for matcha what Vita Coco has done for coconut water and what Red Bull did for energy. ”

Sasha Czapiewski, hot drinks assistant buyer at Tesco said: “We are always looking for ways to offer customers an opportunity to discover new products and matcha green tea will be a welcome addition to our range”.

Vivid Matcha single serve sachets (7 x 1g) and 30g pouch is available in 510 branches of Tesco. There is a special half-price promotion on both SKUs throughout the whole of September.

[6] IGD
[9] Alternative and Complimentary Therapies, April 2001

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