Langley's No. 8

Langley’s England secures two national listings as part of off-trade push

September 25, 2017, 5:17 pm

Langley’s England – producers of classic style English gins, owned by Charter Brands – has secured two national listings for Langley’s No. 8 in supermarkets Asda and Morrisons.

With the demand for gin showing no signs of abating, UK retailers have been looking to increase and premiumise their range by offering various styles of gins to their customers.

Launched in 2013, Langley’s No. 8 has developed a strong presence in the on-trade and has this year begun focusing on increasing its availability in the off-trade.

Mark Dawkins, co-founder of Langley’s England comments: “This year, we have been increasing our presence in the off-trade and we have now secured our first two supermarket listings. We are thrilled to be included as part of the extended premium gin range of these two key multiples. This is a big step for Langley’s England and we are pleased that gin fans will now have more opportunities to find and enjoy our brand.

Langley's No. 8
Langley’s No. 8

Langley’s No. 8 is a distilled London Dry Gin, so called because in its eighth incarnation the founders felt the strength, smoothness and flavours from the 41.7% proof struck the perfect balance. The gin which is distilled a single time in an English-made pot still, is made of 100% English grain spirit and classic gin botanicals from indigenous regions including angelica root, ground nutmeg, cassia bark and cloves.

It is great to enjoy as part of the iconic Dry Martini cocktail or with its unique Grapefruit & Basil (G&B) serve: Langley’s No. 8, slices of fresh pink grapefruit and Indian tonic water topped with a sprig of basil to increase aromas.

Ben Montgomery, Beer & Spirits Senior Buying Manager Asda said: “At Asda, we have been focusing on increasing our offering of premium spirits and have recently doubled our range of craft gins. To this end, we believe the quintessentially British positioning and unique taste of Langley’s No. 8 should resonate well with our customers and be a great addition to our revamped range.”

Additionally, to the two national listings, Langley’s No. 8 (70cl) will which will retail at £30 is also available in regional supermarket Booths.

Langley’s England portfolio includes Langley’s No. 8 and Langley’s Old Tom, which was launched at the end of last year.


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