Kineta Matcha Ginger

Kineta creates a natural buzz with its new range of ready to go Matcha Drinks

September 29, 2017, 5:00 pm

Kineta Drinks ltd. has launched a range of ready to drink Matcha drinks to capitalise on the increased global demand for Matcha.

The Devon based company has created a range of three flavours; Green Apple, Sicilian Lemon and Peruvian Ginger. The selection is made using an optimum blend of Devon spring water, fruit juices and 1g of shade grown Matcha to provide a unique twist on the traditional Matcha green tea.

Each bottle is free from artificial colours, preservatives and additives, is vegan friendly and less than 99 calories.

Kineta uses shade grown organic Matcha from a family-owned tea farm in Nishio, Japan. Prior to harvesting, the tea plants are shaded to increase their nutritional value and develop the vibrant green colour and sweetness, which is not associated with many of the other green teas currently found in the UK market. The Matcha used in the range is Ceremony Grade which is the highest quality of Matcha you can buy as it is sourced from the top of the tea bush so has the most nutrients and superior flavour.

Kineta Matcha Apple
Kineta Matcha Apple
Kineta Matcha Lemon
Kineta Matcha Lemon

Leane Bramhall, managing director at Kineta, comments: “We are very excited to be launching this unique Matcha product to the market to tap into the ever-growing demand for the popular ingredient. Our ready to go Matcha drink is aimed at those looking for an alternative to caffeinated drinks, providing sustained energy throughout the day and the ultimate natural, healthy energy kick.”

Steeped in Japanese tradition, Matcha is a 100 per cent natural shade grown powdered green tea. The tea has been consumed as part of the Japanese tea ceremony for nearly 900 years, and is used by Buddhist monks to keep them alert, awake and focused during long days of meditation. Exports of the superfood are increasing by 30 per cent every year[1] with consumers buying Matcha for its associated health benefits boasting significant levels of chlorophyll and antioxidants.

The range is available to purchase from retailers, farm shops and cafes across the UK in 240ml glass bottles RRP £2.29.

[1] FDIN 2015

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