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Innovative bites expands its range of Trolli confectionery

September 21, 2017, 2:02 pm

Innovative Bites, the UK’s largest supplier and manufacturer of snacks and sweet treats, has announced that it is expanding its range of Trolli gummy candy due to the German confectioners’ booming success in the UK marketplace.

As the exclusive distributor of Trolli confectionery in the UK, Innovative Bites will increase its lines of the gummy products from 11 to 14. This expansion will introduce newly developed “fast-food” style sweets, including Fizzy Fries (25g, RRP: £0.30), Gummi Pizza (17g, RRP: £0.25) and Fruit Cake with Crispy Base, (23g, RRP: £0.30 ) to accompany the brand’s global playground favourites, such as the original Mini- Burger and Gummy Hot Dogs.

Trolli Pizza
Trolli Pizza

Vishal Madhu, founder and owner of Innovative Bites, explained the company’s decision to expand the Trolli lines, stating, “The outstanding success of Trolli over the past 10 months with our customers was a clear signal to us that it was time to add more lines of ingenious confectionery to our already expansive Trolli offering.”

He continued, “Since we first released the Trolli sharing bags to the UK market last year, our Trolli confectionery have proved hugely popular with consumers and I’m sure that they will be eager to sample our new range of gummy treats. We advise customers to stock up as they will sell fast.”

Experimenting with an adventurous range of new flavours, textures and designs, the candy comes in its signature retro style packaging, appealing to children and adults alike.

The candy further benefits from being made from all natural colours and flavourings, as well as being free from any trace of alcohol and pork products.

Trolli fries
Trolli fries

Vishal Madhu added, “Trolli uses natural flavours and colourings and is in line with our move to add more products that use natural ingredients to our range as consumers become increasingly conscious of the treats that they are consuming. We want to offer retailers a choice of products for their stores and this is just the start of a roll out of a number of new products and lines in the coming months.”

Trolli will be available to the market through Innovative Bites’ national distribution channels, as well as its website. The brands Halloween multipack line is now available, with the Christmas multipack line being available from mid-October.


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