Ibiza Ice red

Ibiza Ice: World’s first sparkling fruit wine

September 7, 2017, 4:35 pm

Ibiza Ice has created a new category in Britain’s burgeoning fruit wine market with the world’s first ever range of sparkling fruit wine, and has secured listings on Amazon, Drink Supermarket and across 62 SPAR stores in Scotland.

Pioneering the UK’s premium fruit wine revolution, Ibiza Ice aims to secure a share of the fastest growing wine sector, fruit-flavoured wine, which has seen growth of 17.4% to £82million over the past year alone¹, as well as the accelerating sparkling wine market worth £722m2 in the UK.

Made with all-natural ingredients, Ibiza Ice is a simple blend of Austrian mountain spring water and fruit wine made from apples and pears, relevant to an audience who demand quality ingredients and transparency in their drink choices.

Clearly defined from sugar-laden and artificially flavoured fruit infused grape wines currently available on the market, Ibiza Ice contains only 100% natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives or refined sugar, resulting in a unique and contemporary sparkling drink that will challenge current perceptions of fruit wine.

With a naturally lower ABV of 5.5%, Ibiza Ice is one of the few alcoholic drink brands to carefully select all natural, premium ingredients and state these clearly on the label.

Ibiza Ice red
Ibiza Ice red

Ibiza Ice is available in two varieties, both under 62 calories per 100ml: White Isle with lychee, lime and watermelon and Sunset with pomegranate both served in 330ml aluminium bottles.

Richard Horwell, Founder of Ibiza Ice says, “Ibiza Ice is available to the UK market this year with listings on Amazon, Drink Supermarket and SPAR with more expansion in the pipeline. Our mission is to meet demand for an innovative, all-natural, honest alcoholic beverage that fits into a balanced lifestyle as consumers become more conscious about what they are drinking.

“We are shaking up the fruit wine category with the world’s first range of sparkling fruit wine – this is a burgeoning market, which is yet to experience the same premiumisation as other wines.

Ibiza Ice white
Ibiza Ice white

“All of our bottles are clearly labelled with every ingredient, unlike other alcohol brands on the market, and buyers of Ibiza Ice can be confident they are drinking quality ingredients with a superior taste.

“With a naturally lower ABV of 5.5%, we promote socially responsible drinking and hope to introduce to new drinkers to the wine category as well as those who currently enjoy prosecco, fruit wine and fruit ciders.”

Kept cool in an innovative designed sustainable aluminium bottle that is 100% recyclable and shatter-proof, Ibiza Ice also has a convenient ring pull cap, so there is no need for a bottle opener.

Designed to be enjoyed straight from the bottle all year round, Ibiza Ice minimises the risk of drink spiking for consumer peace of mind.

Ibiza Ice – White Isle

Ibiza Ice White Isle has hints of aromatic fresh lychee, lime and watermelon fused with luxurious sparkling fruit wine for an effortlessly refreshing blend. White Isle is perfect for those who like a subtle and fresh serve. Perfectly served over ice with fresh lime and mint leaves, each bottle has 60 calories per 100ml (204 calories per bottle) and low alcohol contents of 5.5% ABV.

Ibiza Ice – Sunset

An invigorating fusion, blending sweet luxurious sparkling fruit wine with dry notes of exotic pomegranate makes for a striking combination. Bold and fruity, Ibiza Ice Sunset offers a refreshingly vibrant tasting experience, no matter the occasion. Perfectly served over ice with a slice of orange and fresh pomegranate seeds, each bottle has 62 calories per 100ml (198 calories per bottle) and low alcohol contents of 5.5% ABV.


Ibiza Ice White Isle and Ibiza Ice Sunset are available on Amazon.co.uk (RRP £3.99), DrinkSupermarket.com (RRP of £1.99 per bottle) and in SPAR stores in Scotland (RRP of £2.29 per bottle).


¹ Nielsen (MAT, 52 weeks to 20/05/17) in Drinks Retailing News, Essential Guide to Fruit wine and fusions 2017.
2 WSTA Market Overview Report 2016: http://www.wsta.co.uk/images/Research/Market-Reports/2016MarketOverview.pdf



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