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Henry & Henry original American sweets introduced to range

September 14, 2017, 2:32 pm

CSM Bakery Solutions is launching an all-new ‘Henry & Henry Original American Sweets’ product range to its portfolio.

Original American Sweets is a full range of high quality ingredients to produce authentic American sweet bakery goods under CSM’s brand Henry & Henry whose expertise has been trusted by generations of American bakers since 1889.

The range includes American Cake & Muffin Mixes, an American Brownie, Doughnut mix and Toffee Cake Mix, Icings and Chocolate Chunks.

Easy to use and versatile, they are the perfect base for bakers, cafes and caterers to create indulgent, classic American baked treats.

The traditional American muffin and other USA specialties such as doughnuts and brownies have grown hugely in popularity within the UK in recent years and are a key sales driver for businesses as a popular item for a range of demographics and occasions.

The American Muffin and Cake Mixes in Plain and Dark enable bakers to create typical American muffins with a traditional shape and texture, with a soft structure and long lasting freshness. The mixes, which require the addition of egg, oil and water are multi-purpose and can also be used to create cupcakes, loaf cakes, and tray bakes. The product holds the addition of inclusions and is freeze and thaw stable.

Henry & Henry Muffins
Henry & Henry baked products range

American Plain Muffin & Cake Mix (15kg) produces cakes with a delicious vanilla flavour.

American Dark Muffin & Cake Mix (15kg) uses a specific cocoa powder, which produces a unique rich taste and beautiful dark colour to cakes.

American Toffee Cake Mix (10kg) has a delicious toffee flavour, caramel colour and soft texture.

American Brownie (10kg) allows bakers to produce an American favourite – indulgent chocolate brownies. The Henry & Henry mix is easy to use – simply add water – and creates chewy brownies with an even surface and beautiful shine. They can be blended with chocolate chunks or nuts and can be served as they are or with an American Icing on top.

American Donut 50 (16kg) are one of the most stereotypical American treats. The 50/50 mix allows bakers to produce authentic American donuts with a soft structure and regular shape. Use in combination with American Icings.

American Icings – Milk, Dark and White (5kg) are ideal for giving the finishing touches to American sweet treats. Simply heat them up and use as coatings for the tops of cakes or beat them to fill or decorate after baking.

Chocolate Chunks – Milk, Dark and White (5kg) are a ‘must have’ addition to American baked goods. They are the perfect way to enhance baked goods, they are bake stable and the ideal size to be visible in all kinds of applications.

Margarethe Schneeweis, Category Marketing Leader, Pastry Mixes Europe at CSM Bakery Solutions, comments: “American treats are hugely popular within the UK and we hope our new range will help cafes, caterers and bakers to create an indulgent range of treats with minimal effort. Our point of sale kits are available for each of the mixes as part of a promotional offer, including recipe booklets, tulip muffin cases, loaf cake and round cake cases and muffins picks. so businesses can make the most of the delicious range and drive sales.”


All new ‘Henry & Henry Original American Sweets’ products range is available now.

CSM Bakery Solutions provides to food services, caterers, cafes, bakers.


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