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Disruptive brand to refresh protein drinks Market

September 27, 2017, 8:33 am

Innovative drinks brand, Vieve, recognises growing trend of protein for the masses, not just the Pros.

A recent report from Mintel suggests that while 60% of adults in the UK exercise at least once per week, less than 28% use any kind of sports nutrition product. The key drivers behind this are the lack of awareness of the health benefits of protein, with 25% unsure of how much protein they need in their diet, and concerns about taste, as 40% of adults believe sports nutrition contain too many harmful additives to be healthy.

Vieve coconut honey
Vieve coconut honey

Now, a brand new protein water drink is launching to address these two issues. By moving away from messy powders, cutting out all fats, eliminating any artificial colours or flavours and becoming the first sports nutrition product to be classified as sugar-free by Sugarwise, Vieve have created a sports nutrition product that goes beyond bodybuilders and elite fitness enthusiasts to appeal to everyday active men and women.

The growing consumer recognition of the importance of protein has coincided with explosive growth in the number of products marketed with a high-protein message. In the UK alone there were 109 new protein products launched in 2015, with major brands like Weetabix, Arla and Mars all now bringing protein to a mainstream audience.

This has created a highly competitive market, with the ready-to-drink protein market already worth £29.3 million.

In order to stand out from the crowd, Vieve set about the process of creating a protein drink that is not only fat- free, sugar-free and low-calorie, but also tastes refreshing enough to appeal to a mass market audience rather than just dedicated fitness enthusiasts.

Vieve is founded by entrepreneur, Rafael Rozenson. After using sports nutrition supplements for 20 years and spending a career working on prestigious FMCG brands like Evian, Bacardi, Disney, Danone and Mars, Rafael spotted an opportunity to apply his product development and marketing experience and create his own product.

Vieve strawberry rhubarb
Vieve strawberry rhubarb

Over the course of 2 years, Rafael worked with dieticians, nutritionists, creatives and manufacturers to create the perfect protein water drink, and the first ever sports nutrition product to be officially classified as sugar-free by Sugarwise.

Vieve is focused on holistic health, rather than just physical performance. The company has pledged to donate 1% of pro ts to mental health charity, Mind, a cause that is very close to Rafael Rozenson’s heart, having suffered from his own mental health over a long period.

Vieve first launched online in the UK in summer 2017, with a nationwide rollout through retailers in 2018.


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