Canderel zero

Canderel unveils new Canderel zero

September 12, 2017, 2:02 pm

With Brits buying 6.3 million cups of coffee on-the-go every day[1], often not much thought is given to the amount of sugar we add to our favourite takeaway beverages. However, with more of a focus being placed on sugar free living, Canderel, the UK’s leading low-calorie sugar alternative, has launched Canderel Zero, the latest in sweetening innovation. Available exclusively in Tesco stores, the new Canderel Zero is a portable and pocket-sized zero calorie liquid sweetener with no added sugar.

The innovative valve provides dispensing convenience which stays clean, prevents spillage and ensures precise portion control. Canderel Zero dissolves instantly in both hot and cold drinks, giving consumers the opportunity to enjoy the sweeter side of life, whatever their preference.

Canderel zero
Canderel zero

Simona Mantovani, Marketing Manager at Canderel, says, “We are very excited about this new addition to the Canderel range. With the ongoing obesity crisis in the UK, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the health implications associated with sugar, and over half (53%) of UK adults already claim to be actively taking steps to reduce sugar in their diets.[2] As market leaders, it is important that we can offer customers a wide variety of sweetening options and the instant dissolvable formulation of Canderel Zero provides consumers with a simple and quick way to sweeten on-the-go.”

Canderel Zero is available from Tesco stores in a 48ml bottle with 100 servings, at an RRP £2.49.


[1] Allegra Project Café: UK Retail Coffee Shop Market – Strategic Analysis, December 2016
[2] Mintel – Attitudes towards Sugar & Sweeteners – UK (January 2017)

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