Autore cioccolato is the perfect stocking filler for chocoholics

September 20, 2017, 2:04 pm

From jars to bars, each would make a superb stocking filler for a chocoholic. Autore Cioccolato products are young, stylish and top quality. The Fine Cheese Co. is excited to be introducing five lines to the UK.

Crunchy Nut Brittle Chocolate Spread. Inside this jar, hazelnuts and almonds combine in a crunchy spread that would be delicious with a freshly baked croissant.

Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. Silky smooth, The Fine Cheese Co. recommends secretly spooning it from the jar when no one is looking.

If consumers’ sweet tooth likes variety, then the six, individually wrapped, bite-sized portions of brittle, pistachio and mandarin in a charming pocket Matchbox is just for consumers.

Autore Cioccolato’s range

Finally, if people love beer and love chocolate, Autore Cioccolato’s unique Artisan Chocolate Beer is the ultimate treat. Cocoa, dark chocolate and dark beer (stout) make a harmonious and rich combination.

Based at Campania in the south of Italy, Autore Cioccolato is a wonderful, family-run business. From its chocolatey core, this is a company that radiates artisan production suffused with a sense of fun.

Ann-Marie Dyas, Cheesemonger and Co-Founder at The Fine Cheese Co., says:

“This is a range of seductive products in seductive packaging that have us all hooked.”

Crunchy Nut Brittle Chocolate Spread (RRP £6.95), Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (RRP £6.95), Assorted Chocolate ‘Matchbox’ (RRP £3.25) and Artisan Chocolate Beer (RRP £5.95) will be available from 1st October online at, at The Fine Cheese Co. shops in Bath and Belgravia, and fine food shops throughout the UK.

The new range of Cheese Selection Boxes, Food Gifts and Hampers for Christmas and new year festivities will be available from 1st October at


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