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A pioneer of loose frozen food, field fare celebrates 40 years with make over

September 15, 2017, 2:01 pm

40 years ago, field fare launched a pioneering idea in independent retail. Visionary in its environmentalism, brilliant in its simplicity, the idea was high quality fresh fruit, vegetables and baked goods, frozen direct from the field and sold loose by the scoop from branded freezers.

Minimum packaging and waste, maximum nutrient, vitamin and mineral lock-in, dramatically reduced transport costs, zero additives or preservatives, on average 30% cheaper than a meal using equal fresh produce and with the flexibility for customers to economically take as little or as much as required.

The loose range now stands at over 80 products – from sweet potato chips to cinnamon swirls – and is available in over 400 independent garden centres, farm shops, delis and butchers, spanning the Shetland Isles to Jersey.

field fare bulk frozen ingredients
field fare bulk frozen ingredients

Once more, field fare finds itself at the centre of a frozen food revolution: a changing consumer climate where 60% now believe that frozen food is equal to fresh, increasing from 53% in 2016*; a climate, both demand and product led, where quality and traceability is now expected, where time is short, but foodie expectations are high. Step forward field fare once more, with a range of over 50 one and two portion premium ready meals, including authentically spiced international cuisines, sophisticated vegetarian options, desserts-to-die-for and, new for 2017, gluten free dishes.

“This is an exciting, redefining and dynamic time for the frozen food sector, and particularly for field fare,” says MD, Karen Deans “With a more receptive, discerning and demanding consumer comes innovation, competition and a marked move towards quality and provenance, which, all central to the field fare brand, we welcome. Our rebrand also reflects this new marketplace: clean, crisp, contemporary; letting the dishes do the talking … and they all have a story to tell …”


Field fare Freezer Shot
Field fare Freezer Shot

Every field fare product has always come direct from the best independent producers available; sourced locally where possible.

“We work closely with a long established clutch of trusted, independent manufacturers and producers to source the freshest and finest produce” explains Karen, “Our frozen raspberries are punnetised to keep them plump and whole, our peas are AA grade, picked and frozen within 21⁄2 hours by a 3rd generation farmer and processor. And the same goes for our new ready meals. We’ve spent 40 years establishing field fare’s credentials of excellence, so we work closely with our manufacturers to create dishes worthy of our branding.”


The ready meal range is indeed uncompromising. Each dish is cooked in small batches, using the same quality of ingredients, the same richness of flavours, the same methods, the same generous portions that consumers would in their own kitchen.

Field fare frozen ready meals
field fare frozen ready meals

It’s a menu that stretches from classic comfort foods like lasagne (2017 Great Taste Award winner pictured right), cottage pies and Lancashire hotpots (all with on average 25% higher meat count than the competition); to Great Taste Award winners Coquilles St Jacques and Asparagus & Gruyere Crowns and to their Mushroom, Stilton & Pine nut parcel.


The 40th birthday makeover…

Field fare frozen savoury food
field fare frozen savoury food

Field fare has marked its 40th with a makeover, overhauling both branding and its ready meal range by introducing sophisticated new recipes, improving the quality of existing favourites, creating a slick packaging that reflects this quality and displays the dishes in all their glory and by expanding the range. 

A new website offers a crisp, concise, contemporary showcase for some 150 field fare products, beautifully designed, smoothly navigable, with postcode led searches for nearest stockists, cooking tips and hints, facts about frozen food and a growing archive of over 60 original recipes.

2017 NPDs …

Field fare Gluten Free Veg Pie
Field fare Gluten Free Veg Pie

All are produced on a Shropshire farm in a completely gluten free environment, using only British beef and chicken, all natural ingredients, no preservatives and with a pastry made of rice, tapioca, chick pea and potato flours. All ready to bake from frozen for a crisp, piping hot, freshly home made quality.

The range includes:

  • Gluten free Steak and Ale pie
  • Gluten free Chicken, Ham and Leek pie
  • Gluten free Roasted Veg & Goats Cheese pie, 240g per pie, RRP: £3.49 each
  • Gluten free loose Potato Croquettes, 22g per croquette, RRP: £2.50 (£0.25 / 100g)
  • Gluten free sweet crumble topping, 300g per pot, RRP: £2.99 (£1.00 / 100g)
Field fare Panettone Croissant
Field fare Panettone Croissant

Gluten free loose fishcakes: Haddock fishcake weight: 100g each, RRP: £99p, Thai cod fishcake weight: 114g each, RRP: £1.29

And there’s more for 2017 …

  • Pannetone croissants, 80g each, RRP: 55p (£0.69 / 100g)
  • Cheese and Bacon Turnover, 135g each, RRP: £1.45 (£1.07 / 100g)
  • Chorizo sausage roll, 177g each, RRP: £1.39 (£0.78 / 100g)

Availability: selected stockists listed at


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