Pecan deluxe Bubble

The future is bright: eye-catching new pecan deluxe popping candy launches

August 21, 2017, 11:34 am

The newest popping candy inclusion from Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe) Ltd will delight consumers of all ages with its bright purple hue and mouth-watering bubble gum taste – all made from completely natural colours and flavourings and offering a multitude of exciting opportunities to food manufacturers, QSRs and the catering industry.

Supplied frozen (bag in box), the candy is ready for combining with almost any ice cream, be it tubs, single servings or hand held sticks.

Equally, as an ambient product the new candy makes the perfect decoration for a celebration cake or indeed to jazz up cupcakes, doughnuts or other bakery lines. Combined with any number of the company’s other ingredients, the possibilities are endless: have fun pairing with other brightly-coloured inclusions to create a line of desserts or cakes perfect for children’s (or adults) parties.

Pecan deluxe purple popping candy on cake
Pecan deluxe purple popping candy on cake

This is the latest innovative product development from the food tailor, already well known for its extensive range of inclusions comprising ice cream, bakery, beverage and dessert solutions and featuring a choice of popping candy options, including lustre. The popping candy lines boast a fat coating to form a moisture barrier and thus maintain that sensational popping mouthfeel.

In fact, many adults trying the new candy may be transported back to their youth: it originates from the equally delicious Space Dust, coveted by children in the 1970s. Popping candy has evolved far beyond its origins and now offers the food industry a plethora of tasty solutions limited only by their own imaginations.

Popping candy is just one example of a product that can be specially created in almost any colour/flavour combinations. Pecan Deluxe works with food companies to develop completely new ingredient combinations to meet market demands; the candy can also have different barrier coatings applied, including sustainable palm oil, so it retains its “pop-ability” whatever the food application.

Pecan deluxe Bubble
Pecan deluxe Bubble

Pecan Deluxe R&D Director Liz Jones explained: “Our new bright purple bubble gum flavoured popping candy is guaranteed to raise a smile both visually and on tasting. Its unusual colour and mouth-watering flavour make it equally at home in a tub of more-ish ice cream (it will certainly stand out in the supermarket freezer!), or as a cookie topping in a fast food outlet or coffee shop. It’s not the only wow-factor ingredient we have, though – as with our other products, all our customers need to do is use their imaginations and work with us to develop what they need to meet mass-market demand and stay head of the curve. We can do almost anything!”

All Pecan Deluxe products – which include traditionally made but innovatively flavoured fudges, moulded chocolate shapes, brownie pieces and praline nuts – are made using natural colours and flavourings in strict allergen controlled, BRC double A grade facilities, and the company is constantly innovating to develop new flavour and texture options.  


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