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Tastesmiths launches with Costswold Fayre

August 16, 2017, 11:20 am

Tastesmiths, producers of home-cooking curry kits, is now working with Cotswold Fayre, distributors of fine foods to independent retailers.  The move demonstrates Tastesmiths’ commitment to growing the business and reaching more retailers. Tastesmiths’ range of curry kits is designed to make it easy for home cooks to rustle up a delicious, authentic-tasting curry from hand-picked quality ingredients.

Tastesmiths range of 5 packs
Tastesmiths range of 5 packs

Becky Hancock, Marketing Manager at Tastesmiths says:  “We’re excited to be working with Cotswold Fayre and believe that Tastesmiths’ commitment to quality and authenticity means our brand fits perfectly in Cotswold’s portfolio.  Tastesmiths’ kits offer something a bit different to the curry sauces or dry spice kits available on the market – many of our ingredients, such as chilli, garlic, and ginger are fresh and all the spices mixes and blends are freshly ground by us so retain as much of their natural aromas as possible so that home cooks can create amazingly tasty dishes.”

Tastesmiths range
Tastesmiths range

Paul Hagreaves, Managing Director of Cotswold Fayre says: ”We are pleased to include Tastesmiths within our new rapidly growing chilled range.  These innovative and unusual products help those who want to home cook quality meals, but are not quite sure where to start, and create a very high quality meal. We look forward to rolling them out to farm shops, delicatessens and up-market convenience stores.”
Seven of Tastesmiths most popular kits are now available via Cotswold Fayre: Balti Masala, Persian Khoresh, Madras, Goan Fish/Prawn Curry, Rogan Josh, Makhani and Korma Masala. The kits contain just the right amount of freshly ground spices and fresh ingredients. All home cooks need to do is add meat, fish or veg for a fresh, authentic meal. The packs include clear and simple instructions, but cooks are also encouraged to make the dish their own, for example choosing between a mild or hot chilli to suit their personal preference.

Tastesmiths’ ambition is to get more people cooking at home by making it more convenient.

The team’s extensive research into how spices are used in different cultures – such as when it is appropriate to roast spices and when it isn’t, or how onions are cooked in different culinary traditions – has led to the continued development of Tastesmiths’ kits and the introduction of new recipes.

Since Tastesmiths hate waste, using their kits means consumers only buy what they need to make a particular dish. The kits store well and are a great way to liven up left-overs – giving a new lease of live to the remains of the usual Sunday roast or the unlikely collection of vegetables lurking at the bottom of the fridge.


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