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Sharp’s Brewery releases second vintage of Camel Valley Pilsner and wins UK’s best Champagne beer

August 24, 2017, 4:25 pm

Cornwall-based Sharp’s Brewery has announced the re-release of Camel Valley Pilsner, following a hugely popular launch of the first brew in the on-trade last year. The lightly-hopped Pilsner is the product of an exclusive collaboration between Sharp’s Brewery and fellow North Cornish drinks producer, Camel Valley Vineyard, and is available to buy now in outlets including Sharp’s Brewery’s shop in Rock (and online).

Camel Valley Pilsner was first launched at Padstow Christmas Festival in 2016 to great acclaim, and has just been awarded a 2017 World Beer Award in the Champagne Beer category after being chosen as the best champagne beer in the UK.

With just 1,000 bottles brewed, the limited-edition beer proved so popular that Sharp’s has now released a second vintage, with a larger run of bottles now available for selected off trade outlets for a limited time only.

This very special Pilsner was brewed at Sharp’s Brewery in Rock, where it was fermented using traditional Pilsner yeast and then aged using Saaz, Cascade and Citra hops.  The unique Pilsner offers a crisp, clean bitterness, with a fruity, citrus aroma that comes from the blend of hops. The finished product is then reseeded with Champagne yeast and bottled in traditional Champagne-style bottles at Camel Valley Vineyard, a short distance from the brewery in Rock.

Sharp's brewery
Sharp’s brewery Camel Valley Pilsner

Andrew Madden, Head Brewer at Sharp’s Brewery, said: “At Sharp’s we’re continually looking to innovate with new flavours and styles, and the fact that Camel Valley Pilsner has been such a hit is a great example of this innovation.

“After the success of the first vintage of Camel Valley Pilsner, we couldn’t wait to brew another batch of this extremely special beer. The collaboration is a fantastic opportunity to bring together two North Cornwall based drinks producers, and highlight our pride in our Cornish roots.”

This collaboration follows Sharps’ creation of ‘The Hopster’ gin in 2016, a limited-edition hopped gin, created with Southwestern Distillery, another quality Cornish producer.


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