Natur Boutique's hibiscus tea

New tea trio set to impress

August 7, 2017, 8:46 am

Leading the way is one of the first jiaogulan teas to hit the UK market. Jiaogulan is a green leafed climbing plant, which grows in parts of Asia. Until recently, before its use spread, it was used primarily in mountainous regions of southern China and northern Vietnam. Described as the ‘immortality herb’, because people within the Guizhou Province, where jiaogulan herbal teas are consumed regularly, are said to have a history of living for an unusually long time.

Natur Boutique's jiaogulan tea
Natur Boutique’s Jiaogulan tea

Modern research is beginning to show that the herb may well deserve its longevity label, with studies highlighting it could help with everything from memory loss to diabetes1-6. The herb produces a delicious drink with a slightly bittersweet taste and Natur Boutique’s tea uses just one pure ingredient and has no additives or flavourings, which gives it an added purity of flavour.

The second drink in the trio comes in the form of an organic moringa tea. Known as the ‘miracle tree’, the leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, and roots of moringa are all used traditionally throughout Asia for a range of benefits and research shows it could offer one of the few truly genuine natural detoxifiers7. With a robust and rich flavour, Natur Boutique’s moringa tea is one of the only organic versions available and offers an easy and tasty way to include the plant in consumers’ everyday diet.

Finishing the trio is an organic hibiscus tea. Whilst hibiscus is also known for health reasons, Natur Boutique hope their drink will highlight why tea made from the flower is celebrated as much for its taste and aroma as its benefits and say their new organic version will showcase this popular drink at its best.

Natur Boutique’s is a single ingredient blend (as are all the teas in the trio) and doesn’t dilute the dried flower extract with any other ingredients, resulting in a finished product of great quality.

Using hibiscus from the fertile lowlands of Vietnam, where the climate produces flavoursome flowers grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, means a fuller cranberry like flavour is achieved, which results in a better taste for consumers and a better future for the planet.

Natur Boutique's morning tea
Natur Boutique’s Moringa tea

The launch of the teas will be supported by a full PR campaign, which will look to highlight their traditional use, benefits and taste. Natur Boutique is confident the trio will follow in the footsteps of their other teas, which have had global success, selling in stores as diverse as Holland & Barrett in the UK to TJ Maxx in the States.

“We’ve worked hard on every aspect of the teas, from the way the plants used are grown through to the branding on the new packs, and hope the care and passion we’ve taken results in a shared enthusiasm from both retailers and consumers.” – Anton Le Khak, Director, Natur Boutique.



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