Moma breakfast smoothies

Moma launches new-look breakfast smoothies

August 11, 2017, 8:44 am

MOMA Foods unveil new branding for its ambient oat-based drinks, with a new name of ‘Breakfast Smoothie’ and a full packaging re-design. Breakfast Smoothies are the latest iteration of MOMA’s very first product – ‘Oatie Shake’ – which Tom Mercer began making overnight and then selling on a stall in Waterloo Station back in 2005. This became ‘Yog-Oat Smoothies’ in early 2016 with a recipe reformulation and two fruity flavours; Strawberry & Banana and Mango & Peach.

These popular recipes and flavours have been retained, with a visual redesign to ensure high appeal to consumers and stand-out shelf presence for these two ambient smoothie products.

Designed to instantly portray the quality ingredients with the new illustrations of the fruit, yoghurt and oats; the core ingredients. Both products maintain the bold urban MOMA logo and vibrant colours that MOMA is known for.

No added sugar and high in protein are the key benefits of the Breakfast Smoothies called out on pack. Both are product claims that are currently front-of-mind for consumers; MOMA are offering a high-quality drink for breakfast or as a snack.

Tom Mercer, Founder of MOMA Foods, comments:

Moma breakfast smoothies
Moma breakfast smoothies

At MOMA we’ve always been committed to innovation and evolution in-line with consumer trends. With an ever-increasing market for out-of-home breakfasting, consumer demand for quality breakfast drinks is on the rise.

As such, we felt the time was right to re-brand our Breakfast Smoothies. The latest iteration of the very first MOMA product, these drinks are important to the brand and to me personally, so we wanted to ensure that we continue to evolve the product to match consumer needs. The re-brand of our Breakfast Smoothies will help to keep us front-of-mind for a high-quality and convenient drink that gives you all the goodness of oats on the go.”

Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian, Executive Creative Director at Studio Minerva, comments: MOMA’s smoothies are a wonderful product, filled with yoghurt, real oats and a mixture of fruits. Although the previous design had great shelf standout we wanted to better help consumers understand the product and usage occasion at shelf. We renamed it the “Breakfast Smoothie” and added clear ingredients illustrations to overtly reassure of the natural goodness and dial up taste cues in an instant.”

MOMA Breakfast Smoothies is available in the new packaging format now, retaining their RRP of £1 for 250ml.

MOMA’s product range includes instant gluten free Porridge pots (RRP £1.30) and Porridge sachets (RRP £2.99 for box of 5), Breakfast Smoothies (RRP £1.50), Bircher Muesli pots (RRP £1.00), a DIY Bircher Muesli mix (RRP £3.49) (for making ‘overnight oats’ in an instant) and the latest product; Greek Style Yoghurt & Oats (RRP £1.00).

MOMA stockists include: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and ASDA plus WH Smith, John Lewis Food hall, Whole Foods, Booths and online from, as well an on-board selected Virgin trains and flights, EasyJet, East Coast Mainline, Eurostar, major Contract caterers, Wetherspoon’s pubs, Holiday Inn Express hotels, Puccinos cafes, Pumpkin cafes, Whistlestop and various independents.


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