Cobra Pint Glass

Cobra continues ‘brewed smooth for all food’ campaign with launch of blond IPA, Malabar

August 22, 2017, 4:34 pm

Molson Coors has unveiled the latest milestone in Cobra’s ‘Brewed Smooth for All Food’ campaign; the exclusive roll-out of Malabar, a small batch series IPA. The blond pale ale has been developed to complement the existing Cobra range and further the brand’s connection with beer and food pairing.

Malabar has been developed to have a wonderful hoppy aroma with a lightness of colour and a quality depth of taste coupled with a refreshment and delicacy.

Following a successful initial trial at London Food Month in June, the beer will be launched on draught in selected outlets in the on-trade later this year as part of the Cobra range.

Cobra Pint Glass
Cobra Pint Glass

Cobra’s ‘Brewed Smooth for All Food’ campaign celebrates the award-winning beer’s connection with food. The campaign launched in June as part of “London Food Month”, where Cobra was the Official Beer Partner. Over 52,000 guests visited the ‘Cobra Flavour Rooms & Bar’ at Night Market, Kensington Palace Gardens, which ran from 7th – 18th June 2017. The experiential pop-up offered consumers an immersive beer and food tasting experience, with a fusion menu created by MasterChef: the Professionals winner Gary Maclean.

Cobra has a distinctive, complex recipe that results in an impossibly smooth beer. Brewed using the finest natural ingredients and a traditional Indian blend of barley malt and yeast, with maize, hops and rice, Cobra beer is created using a unique recipe and production process giving it its distinctive character and impossible smoothness. Originally developed to go perfectly with food, Cobra is the perfect partner to a huge range of different cuisines from around the world.

Rob Hollis, Head of World Beers Portfolio at Molson Coors, commented: “Our first ever Cobra ale Malabar is brewed with ale yeast to make it as smooth and drinkable as our bottled lager. The Cobra brand is all about food and experimenting with different food and beer pairings. Malabar is the perfect addition to this portfolio and we are excited to begin an exclusive roll-out with selected outlets.”

Malabar joins the existing Cobra range including – 330ml, 620ml and 660ml bottles of Cobra, the Belgian-brewed craft beer King Cobra as well as a non-alcoholic beer, Cobra Zero.



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