Snact banana bars

Banan-Archy in the UK

August 7, 2017, 2:01 pm

The creators of Snact have been saving unwanted and ugly fruit for the last few years, turning it into delicious fruit jerky. An amazing 1.4 million edible bananas are still being thrown away each and every day in Britain however.

The result is a ludicrous amount of wasted food, water and carbon, with most bananas having travelled half way across the world to reach us and using 95 litres of water per banana to grow.

Snact are looking to do something to reverse this trend, but they need consumers’ help in the fight to ‘create more taste and less waste’.

The brand have launched a Crowdfunding campaign to get an exciting new product range off the ground, in the form of a trio of banana snack bars.

‘There’s been a huge rise in popularity for raw and natural snack bars over the last few years, with the likes of Nakd leading the way. Almost all of these bars use dates as their base, which aren’t a source of food waste, yet bananas are the nation’s favourite fruit and make a better bar with a deliciously soft and moist texture. We hope through the range we can begin to stop nearly 500 million bananas going to waste each year – with one bar saving one banana.’ – Ilana Taub, Snact Co-Founder

Snact banana bars
Snact banana bars

Wrapped in cutting edge home-compostable packaging, Snact banana bars are about much more than just saving fruit from going to waste however and look to provide a balanced snack that is richer in both flavour and nutrients, all with less than 130 calories.

Available in three taste bud tantalizing flavours, Apple & Cinnamon Kick, Carrot & Spice Boost and Beetroot and Cacao Blast, each is jam-packed with fruit, veg, nuts and/or superfoods, ranging from quinoa and beetroot to pumpkin seeds and coconut. Vegan friendly and gluten free they provide a host of important vitamins and nutrients, without a flavouring, colourant or artificial sweetener in sight.

Ultimately the result is a tasty snack that provides you with slow-release energy and balanced nutrition to help fuel your day, whether consumers had a late night finish in the office ahead or are about to climb a mountain – they just happen to save the nation’s unwanted bananas in the process.

Consumers can get involved in the #deliciousprotest and head over to Snact’s Crowdfunding page, where they can become one of the first people in the country to try the bars – as well as getting their hands on some eco-friendly goodies, from ‘delicious protest’ kits with T-Shirts to knickers and reusable shopping bags. If the pledge amount is over £100, consumers will be given an invite to an exclusive ‘banana party’.

The campaign runs until 20th August and ties in with a re-brand of Snact’s fruit jerky range.


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