Veg water JF Rabbit 's range

Veg water gets a brand refresh

July 5, 2017, 8:30 am

UK based vegetable water brand, JF Rabbit, has unveiled a brand-new logo and packaging design across its range from June.

The new look is simple, on trend, and has been created to drive greater appeal with their core consumers of adults looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Veg water JF Rabbit 's range
Veg water JF Rabbit ‘s range

In addition, the company is launching a brand-new flavour; Carrot Water with Orange Blossom. The new addition will be available in Wholefoods, London independents and through wholesalers Marigold, Epicurium and DDC from June.

A tastier alternative to plain water, the new flavour joins the popular Ginger Water with a touch of Lime and refreshing Cucumber Water.

The water category is booming as people opt for natural, simple products they can trust. In the next five years, functional and flavoured water is set to grow 37% *and bottled water to grow 42.5% *, with 40% of adults wanting less sugar and no sweeteners **.

All three JF Rabbit waters are gluten-free, contain nothing artificial, no added sugar and provide 100% of the daily recommended vitamin C and zinc. All are also under 10kcal per 330ml bottle.

Co-founder Felix Tanzer says: “Many consumers are confused over what is truly healthy to eat and drink. JF Rabbit is more interesting than plain water but has none of the sugar of other juice drinks – exactly what busy ‘wellnistas’ are looking for. Our new logo, fresh look and tasty new flavour are set to blaze a trail in this new category.”

With new research *** reporting that eight vegetables a day can make you feel happier, busy people are looking for ways to up their daily intake. With this surge in demand, packaging redesign and new flavour, JF Rabbit is set to establish the ‘veg water’ category.


* Mintel, March 2017)
** Euromonitor, Feb 2017)
*** Scientists from the university of Warwick / American Journal of Public Health



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