Iceland Millies Pain Au Chocolat

Iceland and Millie’s unveil breakfast range

July 25, 2017, 8:39 am
Iceland Millies Croissant
Iceland Millies Croissant

Iceland has expanded its partnership with Millie’s At Home with the launch of an exclusive breakfast range.

Iceland has stocked Millie’s Cookies ‘Millie’s At Home’ since February last year and now this range is also being expanded with the addition of a Ready to Bake Party Pack, (£5 15 Pack/480g) and a Ready to Bake Limited Edition Milk and Toffee Cookie Dough (£2.50 6 Pack/192g).

“Our introduction of Millie’s At Home and other exclusive supplier deals have proved to be a positive move for us, and popular with our customers. Expanding this partnership is a reflection of these successes,” said Neil Nugent, Head of Food Development at Iceland.

Iceland was named Online Supermarket of the Year 2017 at The Grocer Gold Awards last month, and also took home the gong for Business Initiative of the Year for ‘The Iceland Kitchen’.

‘Millie’s at Breakfast’ is now available in 580 stores, featuring All Butter Croissants (£2 4 pack/240g), Pains aux Raisins (£2 4 pack/192g) and Pains au Chocolat (£2 4 pack/320g).


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