Enjoy wine delivered through your letterbox by the decanting club

July 12, 2017, 4:29 pm

A new subscription service is delivering wine through letterboxes in the UK.

The Decanting Club has set up a member’s subscription service and every week a Decanting Club envelope will be delivered through the letterbox of those signed up. The envelope contains that week’s specially chosen wine in a special pouch that’s ready to cut and pour, along with the wine details.

Each pouch contains 150ml of wine to swirl, sniff and taste. Each week members are treated to a new wine, chosen by the Decanting Club expert, alternating between red and white (and the occasional rosé).

Members can then order more of the wines they love and get discounted prices by the bottle/case.

Every Monday, the wines are decanted into the Decanting Club’s unique pouches and are sent out in the post. The idea is that they can be delivered with ease through the letterbox and members can sample the wine one glass at a time.

The pouches are made from polyethylene which is very strong, and does not affect the wine stored inside in any way.

The Decanting Club’s pouch red wine

Paul Rousou-Adams, who runs the Decanting Club, says: ‘As a weekly club, we intend for the wine to be drunk that same week. We source wines that are not easily found in supermarkets and off-licenses. This means they are often small-batch volumes of wine, sourced from producers championing their local regions and grapes rather than chasing international styles in search of easy sales.

‘Our members are able to sample the more exclusive wines, especially those made from unusual (and/or local) grape varieties in less-famous regions by smaller producers.

‘We want to challenge your preconceptions of what you do and don’t like in a glass of wine. Grapes you may have thought unpleasant can be totally transformed with different production techniques or if they are grown in a different climate.’

The Decanting Club was set up by Paul and his colleagues. Paul explains how it came about: ‘There is a vast choice of wine out there and it can be very confusing for most people. This leads most people to stick with what they know and never explore the amazing varieties on offer.

‘We decided that we wanted to curate wines for people to taste, and allow them to decide for themselves what they did and didn’t like. This led us to create our pouches which allows members to discover new wines without having to buy a whole bottle

We also believe there is a growing movement towards drinking in moderation, substituting quality for quantity, and Decanting Club is in a perfect position to help people achieve that goal.’

New members can find out more and sign up via https://decanting.club/wine/


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