Santa Maria The Latin American Kitchen

Santa Maria launches UK first: The Latin American Kitchen

June 20, 2017, 2:00 pm

Santa Maria is launching the Latin American Kitchen range – inspired by recipes from the length and breadth of Latin America, rolling out nationwide from 12th June.

The range of 39 separate products aims to tap into the demand for convenient weekday meal solutions, as shoppers seek out international and innovative cooking variants.

Products include single meal cooking sauces and flavoured rice for two. It also encompasses a more weekend focused range for sharing, with seasoning mixes, tortillas, salsas and sides. But the whole range can be used in a mix-and-match way.

Santa Maria The Latin American Kitchen
Santa Maria The Latin American Kitchen

A clear driver of growth within World Food, Santa Maria’s taste development team studied the emerging trend for Latin American cuisine which is set to continue, to develop the diverse and exciting easy-to-cook range. With bold new-look packaging set to drive brand cut-through, following in-depth research into brand perception and in-aisle considerations, the new range incorporates on-trend Latin and Caribbean ingredients such as beans, chilli, coconut and lime.

Recipes span the diverse continent with multiple culinary influences and include typical dishes from Cuban Chilli Sofrito Sauce or Argentinian Smoky Asado Sauce to Colombian Arroz y Frijoles (three bean rice) and the typical Costa Rican staple Corn Tortillas.

Santa Maria coconut adobo sauce
Santa Maria coconut adobo sauce

Paul Brixey Head of UK Marketing said: “Latin America is attracting more and more visitors from the UK each year and we’re seeing from the rapid rise in restaurants, that its cuisine now has mainstream appeal. Consumers are open to exciting and innovative Latin American dishes and Santa Maria’s new range allows people to bring the continent’s wealth of vibrant and delicious dishes into their own home in a simple and convenient way..

The Latin American Kitchen range consists of: 10 cook-in sauces, 5 unique flavoured rice variants, 7 dry seasoning mixes, 6 tortillas and wraps, and 11 toppings and sides to personalise any of the dishes.

  • 10 delicious cook in sauces for two, each one inspired by the cuisine of a specific country in Latin America. Sold in foil pouches to tear open and pour over a choice of meat, fish or vegetables for a flavoursome, quick, meal for two. Including: Caribbean Pineapple and Chilli Sticky Sauce, Cuban Chilli Sofrito, Brazilian Xinxim Peanut Sauce, Costa Rican Fiery Fruit, Peruvian Garlic & Tomato, Guatemalan Smokey Chilli Bean, Costa Rican Coconut Adobo, Colombian Albondigas, Cuban Sofrito Clasico and Venezuelan Coconut & Lime.
    Maria Xinxim peanut sauce
    Maria Xinxim peanut sauce
  • 5 variants of seasoned microwaveable rice created to perfectly complement Santa Maria Latin American Sauces. Ready in minutes. Including: Arroz Rojo – spicy red rice, Arroz Integral – wholegrain rice and beans, Arroz Amarillo – yellow rice, Arroz y Frijoles – three bean rice, Arroz con Coco – coconut and chilli rice.


  • 7 different dry seasoning mixes, each one inspired by the cuisine of a specific country in Latin America, for creating fantastic meals for four. Each mix is for a specific protein and brings all the flavour to the fore. Including: Rio Grande Fajitas in mild and medium spice, Havana Curried Pork Mix, Colombian Crunchy Chicken Bites, Argentinian Barbacoa Beef Steak Rub and Caribbean Creamy Chicken Curry, Brazilian minced beef.


  • Santa Maria albondigas sauce
    Santa Maria albondigas sauce

    11 toppings and sides to personalise any of the dishes by dialling the heat up or down, adding creaminess or crunchiness. Including: Hot Chilli & Lemon Topping, Chipotle Mayo topping, Hot Salsa, Barbacoa Topping, Medium Salsa, Guacamole style Topping, Soured Cream Topping, Green and Red Jalapenos, Spicy Refried Beans and Chipotle Cooking Paste.


  • 6 different tortillas to wrap or dip. Including: Mini Coconut and Black Pepper Tortillas, Plain Flour Tortillas, (large and standard) Tortillas with Whole Wheat, Garlic & Herb Tortillas, Corn Tortillas.

Paul Brixey continues: “The range really taps into the Latin American spirit, the spirit of carnival. It’s colourful, fun and easy to use. With such a variety of separates, where everything goes with everything, it’s very flexible. Consumers can cook a straightforward meal or be more experimental.”

Santa Maria crunchy chicken bites
Santa Maria crunchy chicken bites

Santa Maria’s NEW range will be available nationwide. MRSPs sauce £1.79, rice £1.85 and seasoning mixes £0.95.

The launch is being supported by TV, OOH, Shopper, Experiential, PR and Digital. Santa Maria has over a century of expertise in flavour and spices from around the world, is part of the Paulig Group and is Northern Europe’s leading seasoning brand.


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