LITTLE MOONS Mochi mochi ice cream bar concept at WholeFoods

Little moons to roll out ice cream mochi bar concept across whole foods market stores

June 28, 2017, 10:00 am

British artisan mochi producers, Little Moons, is rolling out its mochi ice cream bar concept in four Whole Foods Market stores following the launch of the UK’s first at the High Street Kensington branch.

This expansion establishes the brand as a key player in the ice cream category and follows the success of the initial site launch, which has been an instant hit with consumers and received high profile customers, including Simon Cowell and Millie Mackintosh. Bars will now open across London at stores in Piccadilly Circus, Fulham, Richmond and Clapham Junction.

LITTLE MOONS Mochi WholeFoods
LITTLE MOONS mochi ice cream bar concept

Little Moons is already available as a retail product in six flavours at every branch of the retailer. The bars are an addition for the brand and operate as a self-serve concept, giving customers the chance to choose from ten flavours and take home their own assortment in a freezer bag box.

The flavours available are: Matcha Green Tea, Toasted Sesame, Coconut, Raspberry, Yuzu, Vanilla, Mango, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, and Hazelnut.

Mochi is a delicacy from Japan, where it has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Traditional mochi is filled with red bean paste, however, Little Moons has innovated the concept by wrapping delicious gelato spheres made from British dairy with sweet, soft mochi dough.

The mochi bar rollout firmly establishes mochi as a top UK trend for 2017 and marks an exciting evolution in Japanese cuisine beyond sushi[1], with mochi ice cream named as a key consumer trend by Mintel and the product featuring twice in the Google Food Trends Report.

Little Moons Co-Founders Howard & Vivien Wong say: “Mochi ice cream has been firmly established as the leading ice cream trend of 2017 with the roll out of our self-serve bars across Whole Foods Market stores. Our first at the High Street Kensington branch has been a big success, with a huge amount of consumer footfall, including custom from Simon Cowell and Millie Mackintosh. We are delighted that now there will be over five sites across London that shoppers can access.

“Our family has been making traditional Japanese mochi for over thirty years and we have updated the recipes to appeal to a modern audience. Those adventurous to try out Little Moons ice cream mochi are rewarded with a totally new eating experience: an exciting evolution beyond traditional gelato.

“Little Moons hand-rolled mochi spheres are inspired by Japan and made in London. We believe the exciting textures and innovative flavours will be a big hit with consumers looking to discover something original and delicious.”

At the Little Moons mochi ice cream bar, a selection of one to five delicious mochi spheres cost £1.50 each and six or more cost £1.25 each.

Little Moons launched a retail range in August 2015 at Whole Foods Market and has since become one of Whole Food Market’s best-selling ice cream brands. Still available in this six sphere pack in Whole Foods Market (£5.99) in Toasted Sesame, Vanilla, Coconut, Matcha Green Tea, Mango and Raspberry flavours. Little Moons Mango, Matcha Green Tea, and Coconut flavours are also available nationwide at Ocado with a RRP of £4.99.





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