Whole Earth sweet mini cubes

Innovative Whole Earth Sweetener Co. launches in the UK to help Britain sweeten better

June 7, 2017, 12:00 pm

Whole Earth Sweetener Company is bringing ground-breaking innovation to the low-calorie sweetener category this June. After its recent success in the US, the brand’s new generation of Stevia products is set to change the way British consumers sweeten forever.

Available in Sainsbury’s, Whole Earth Sweetener Co.’s products are derived from nature and carefully crafted, providing consumers with increased lifestyle choices without compromising on taste.

Whole Earth Sweetener Co.’s products are a result of innovation from a global long term strategic partnership with PureCircle, which provides exclusive access to the highest performing steviol glycosides1 from the Stevia plant.

Whole Earth sweet granules with straw
Whole Earth sweet granules

This innovation allows the ingredients to deliver a clean and sweet taste2 consumers are demanding.

Simona Mantovani, Marketing Manager at Whole Earth Sweetener Co. says, “With the government recently highlighting the effects of high sugar consumption, Britons are becoming more aware of the need for different sweetening options. Taste is often a common barrier to those seeking alternatives and we are excited for UK consumers to try Whole Earth Sweetener Co. products. The range is perfect for those looking for sweetness derived from nature.”

The range of products offers a sweetening solution across a wide variety of usage occasions – complete with pioneering packaging and formats. The range includes;

Whole Earth brown cane sugar
Whole Earth brown cane sugar

Sweet Granules (RRP £4.25), which is part of the zero-calorie collection and is a table top sweetener with a pure, undeniable sweetness that will ensure sugar is forgotten with the first try.

Sweet Mini Cubes (RRP £2.50), perfect for on-the-go sweetness derived from nature, which is also included within the zero-calorie range. This innovative new format is a first for the UK sweetener category.

Brown Cane Sugar with Stevia (RRP £2.50) which complements the sweetness of the Stevia leaf extract with cane sugar creating gold standard crunchy crystals, bringing a rich sweetness to all baked goods. Use half the quantity for the same sweetness as regular sugar resulting in 50% fewer calories3.

Whole Earth honey
Whole Earth honey

The Honey & Stevia Blend (RRP £5.00), another first to the UK sweetener market, is derived from the Stevia plant designed for porridge, fruit, yoghurt and all hot drinks. Use half the quantity for the same sweetness as regular honey but with 50% fewer calories4.

All Whole Earth Sweetener Co. products are available from Sainsbury’s nationwide.


1 – Steviol glycosides are the compounds responsible for the sweet taste of the leaves of the stevia plant. Whole Earth Sweetener Co. contains PureCircle’s newest set of stevia ingredients, the ZetaTM family which is made with steviol glycosides which provide the most sugar-like taste profile on the market (http://bit.ly/2pWsht3)
2 – UK sensory research vs #1 brand in the natural low calorie sweetener category (Sept 2016) – 200 respondents
3 – 50g (200 calories) of Brown Cane Sugar with Stevia sweetens like 100g of sugar (400 calories)
4 – Half a tablespoon (24 calories) of Honey & Stevia sweetens like 1 tablespoon (49 calories) of natural honey

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