Shropshire’s Real Coffee Bag Co coffee bag

Could you handle the world’s strongest coffee bag?

June 27, 2017, 8:43 am

To celebrate the launch of its brand-new Coffee Club, Shropshire’s Real Coffee Bag Co. is challenging caffeine connoisseurs everywhere to see if they can handle the world’s strongest coffee bag.

Whether it’s the perfect Monday morning pick-me-up or a comforting cuppa at the end of a draining week, the secret blend within the revolutionary coffee bag aims to give the kick of a lifetime.

Although many lay claim to the world’s strongest coffee, founder and director Paul Day said he is yet to come across a stronger coffee bag.

“We developed the secret blend of beans on a Monday afternoon after a particularly drab morning,” said the 50-year-old. “We didn’t think anything of the blend until we tried it and it blew our heads off.

Shropshire’s Real Coffee Bag Co coffee bag
Shropshire’s Real Coffee Bag Co coffee bag

“We are yet to roll it out as part of our line for sheer fear that even the two-shot coffee drinkers wouldn’t be able to handle the kick, but we thought what better way to define the hard-core caffeine worshippers than by asking drinkers to take up the challenge.”

Founded in Shropshire in 2013, Paul and Jeanne Day began producing coffee bags to meet the demands of consumers who wanted real, authentic coffee with all the convenience of instant.

Having already won a Great Taste award and been praised by Lucas Hollwegg from The Sunday Times, it’s no wonder that the Real Coffee Bag Co is taking the hot drinks market by storm and popping up in stores across the UK.

“We have noticed an incredible uptake in demand for the coffee bags as austerity bites and coffee worshippers, who still want real coffee, are having to cut their daily take out,” explained Paul.

“The coffee within our bags is incredible quality at a fraction of the price of Starbucks or Costa and it’s even cheaper now we’ve launched our own subscription service.

“We want to take the hassle out of buying coffee so every month we will be delivering a pouch of 25 coffee bags directly to your door. At a mere 16p a cup, you can afford to be a caffeine addict for life.”




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