Hackney Coffee company Columbia road

Hackney Coffee Co. launches its new speciality coffee range

June 20, 2017, 8:26 am

The fast growing and innovative company have set their sights on becoming one of the premier independent coffee destinations in London, with their first site on Hackney Road gearing up for an extensive renovation and expansion.

Hackney Coffee company Sadler's Ascent
Hackney Coffee company Sadler’s Ascent

The website marks their first move into building their digital presence, which they felt compelled to build given the support they have received through their social media following. Jon Penn, a Co-Founder and Director of HCC commented, “Since launching 18 months ago our social media following has grown to over 45,000+ and growing at a rate of 1,000+ followers a month, which for a small high street business shows there’s a lot of interest in what we are doing”.

Inspiration for the range has been taken from Hackney’s rich cultural heritage. “Kingsland” named after one of the central roads that runs through Hackney is their mainstay espresso coffee. It takes inspiration from the ancient forests that covered Hackney until just a few hundred years ago. The ‘King’s Land’, was a short ride from the walls of the City of London, with roaming pastures and forests where royalty and nobility came to hunt stag and wild boar, at a time when much of the land in Hackney was owned by the wealthy Knights Templar.

The coffee impresses with its Forest notes of berry and walnut, with a creamy milk chocolate finish.

Hackney Coffee company Regents
Hackney Coffee company Regents

Each of their other coffees – Colombia Road, Sadler’s Ascent and Regent’s – have different flavour profiles influenced from the different growing conditions of their countries of origin, and cover a broad range of tasting notes to suit every palate.

The full range is available to purchase online now at hackneycoffee.co.


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