Bovril Beef paste 250g

Bovril celebrates its British roots with new packaging

June 29, 2017, 2:00 pm

Bovril is undergoing a packaging refresh to reinforce its status as an original, 131 year old, iconic British food brand and highlight its high protein content.

Rolling out in July, the new packaging features the Union Jack, alongside a ‘Made in the UK since 1886’ flash on the tamper seal. The refresh is designed to target the 55% of UK consumers who would prefer to buy British brands[1].

Alongside new packaging, the Bovril Beef recipe has also been improved to now include a 15% increase of protein per 12g serving[2].

Bovril Chicken 125g
Bovril Chicken 125g

This high protein claim will be called out on front of pack to target health-conscious shoppers and appeal to the 32% of consumers who would pay a premium for high protein foods[3].

Jonathan Roberts, Assistant Brand Manager for Bovril at Unilever UK, says: “Bovril is a truly iconic British brand and with the interest in food provenance growing, we felt that now is the time to showcase our British heritage by adding the Union Jack to our packaging. We expect this, and the beef reformulation, to be a huge hit among Bovril fans.”

In response to Bovril fans demanding larger pack sizes to fulfil their needs, the brand is also relaunching its 500g pack via e-commerce and wholesale channels.

Bovril Beef Squezzy 200g
Bovril Beef Squezzy 200g


  • Bovril Beef and Chicken 125g Jars – RRP £2.15*
  • Bovril Beef 250g – RRP £3.49*
  • Bovril Beef 500g – RRP £6.50*
  • Bovril Squeezy Beef 200g – RRP £3.30*


*All prices quoted are Recommended Retail Prices. Retailers are free at all times to set their own retail prices.
[1] Nielsen in The Grocer 2016
[2] Bovril High Protein Beef Paste now contains 4.4g of protein per 12g serving
[3] Nielsen 2015 Global Health and Wellness Survey

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