Spice Drops natural extract

Spice Drops has a zest for lime

May 24, 2017, 4:45 pm

Spice Drops is adding extra zest to its range with a new Lime Zest variety to help cooks and cocktail aficionados everywhere by providing that mouth-puckering citrus zing of lime, but without the grating.

Made with fresh limes from India, just four drops of the Lime Zest Spice Drops equates to the zest of one whole lime, and added by using an innovative dropper allows accuracy and convenience that grated lime fails to give – not to mention scrape-free knuckles!

Spice Drops lime zest
Spice Drops lime zest

Lime Zest Spice Drops are more versatile than lime oil because they blend easily with any liquid which means they can add the ‘just squeezed’ taste of fresh lime intensifying the sharp citrus flavour in any dish without increasing the volume of liquid.  What’s more Spice Drops are made using an extraction process, which has been perfected over 20 years, and ensures the natural goodness of the raw ingredients is retained.

Spice Drops are designed to inspire a whole new generation of home cooks with their easy to use format.  As well as new Lime Zest Spice Drops, the 31-strong range includes other fruits, orange and lemon, but also classic herbs and spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, saffron, mint, vanilla and rose, all of which are made using fresh produce from local farms in India, (except for the saffron which is sourced from Iran).

They can be used in pretty much anything; drinks including teas, coffees, smoothies or cocktails to add a burst of flavour, they’re fantastic in cooking to add intensity to curries, gravies, stir fries or risottos and simply delicious in baking.

By just adding a drop of the relevant Spice Drops rather than messing around with measures of dried herbs or spices – or grating limes –  the recipe is improved and enhanced with an authentic, fresher, more intense flavour. And with a shelf life of three years, the results will be consistent every time – unlike with dried herbs or spices which lose their flavour very quickly.

Spice Drops natural extract

The extracts come in neat 5ml bottles (around 150 drops) and to inspire all users there is a recipe on each pack with clear instructions on how to use them. For Lime Zest Spice Drops there is a simple but mouth-watering idea for a delicious Lime and ginger mayonnaise for a sensational chicken sandwich.  It is also fantastic with a gin and tonic or try it combined with mint to make a mouthwatering mojito cupcake.

Spice Drops are natural and contain no salt, sugar or artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives, as well as being gluten free and suitable for vegans.  They are also ethically sourced and ethically produced; the products are handmade in the factory in Kerala which is a women’s enterprise employing mainly disadvantaged women.  In a traditionally male dominated society, employment in the factory gives these women much needed self-confidence and independence, making a genuine difference to their lives.

Lime Spice Drops® are currently available exclusively on line  for around £4.00.  More of the range can be bought from selected Sainsbury’s and Whole Foods Market stores, and online from Ocado, Amazon.


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