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Madécasse gains 3 new flavour variant listings with Waitrose following rebranded packaging launch

May 11, 2017, 8:43 am

Dark chocolate brand Madécasse have undergone a brand refresh with new packaging to make the brand more accessible and memorable to chocolate connoisseurs. A ring-tailed lemur, the animal most strongly associated with the brands Madagascan provenance, will be the new face of Madécasse chocolate.

Madecasse Honey Crystal
Madecasse Honey Crystal

The new packaging for Madécasse is available within Waitrose from May onwards and will be available in 5 flavour variants. The two existing sku’s Toasted Coconut 70% and Salted Almond 63% will be joined by 70%, Sea Salt & Nibs and Honey Crystal. All flavours are Gluten Free, Kosher, Soy Free and No-GMO and are Vegan (excluding Honey Crystal).

The reason behind the new packaging is to make the product easier to merchandise and increase on-shelf impact, by removing unnecessary string-tie detail and adding graphics that are fun and approachable. Also, Madecasse sits within a chocolate segment where the % of cocoa content is key and the new packaging clearly declares the % of cocoa and the flavour, with colour coding to differentiate between flavour variant so that shoppers easily recognise the bar for repeat purchase.

The new design is part of a global relaunch, which has already rolled out in the USA. Initial feedback and sales results have been favourable with shoppers clearly engaging more with the brand – after all, who doesn’t love a cute furry animal with big eyes? “We thought about what represents Madagascar and the first thing that came to mind was the lemur, specifically the ring-tailed lemur with its striped tail and we decided to take a chance and make it really bold and big” Shah said.

Madécasse are on a mission to flip the chocolate industry right side up by making chocolate where the cocoa grows. This is the key to transparency in the global chocolate industry.

Madécasse work directly with their cocoa farmers. They know their names, their families and have had dinner in their homes. They help them grow top quality cocoa and earn more money for it.

The new flavours are bound to excite chocolate lovers across the UK, who are after a premium quality chocolate experience:

Madecasse SeaSalt Nibs
Madecasse SeaSalt Nibs

70% – Pure 70% Madagascar dark chocolate with a subtle fruit after taste. This bar puts heirloom cocoa in the spotlight.

Sea Salt & Nibs – This chocolate bar is a gateway into an entirely new world of chocolate. Crushed cocoa bean “nibs” and a sprinkle of sea salt make for an addicting savoury crunch. This bar best amplifies the flavours of pure, Madagascan cocoa.

Honey Crystals – The sweetness and subtle crunch from the honey crystal inclusions pair beautifully with the fruity notes of heirloom cocoa.


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