Frutree bottle

Frutree secures major new retail listing in Lidl as new pack design is unveiled

May 12, 2017, 8:30 am

Frutree, made by The Natural Drinks Company, has secured a new major retail listing in Lidl as the range unveils a new ‘stripped back’ pack design, reflective of its natural credentials to quench the growing thirst of UK consumer for healthy soft drinks.

With carbonated soft drink sales volumes falling[1], Water Plus sales forecasted to grow 5% per annum between now and 2020[2] and the UK consumer continuing to make more decisions based on health considerations[3], the range which is free of any hidden sugars, additives and 100% natural is continuing to thrive, having sold over 10million bottles in the UK since launch.

Available in Lidl from mid-May, the brand-new packaging has been developed to reflect the growing UK consumer appetite for more natural, healthy options, mirroring the naturally-sourced ingredients in the range.

The no mess, no fuss drinks are bursting with flavour too, with the added convenience of a sports cap for smaller tots to avoid spills.

Frutree campaign
Frutree campaign

Founder Ian Minton, a type one diabetic, says ‘We’re delighted to unveil our new packaging, which has tested well with consumers, and to hit the 10million mark. Despite the media and government focus on sugar, the reality is that children are still consuming more sugar via their drinks than their intake of sweets and chocolate, because parents are more aware of making the best choices for their child in these products. Our new packaging helps reflect our healthy approach to educating parents on their child’s sugar consumption.’

Committed to changing and revolutionising soft drinks, The Natural Drinks Company spent over four years developing and perfecting the Frutree range, which has since seen success in securing an abundance of nationwide major retail listings and the continued sales growth of the Water Plus market.

Frutree bottle
Frutree bottle

Available in two child friendly, familiar flavours; Raspberry & Blueberry and Orange & Mango, the zero sugar range is not only healthy, but delicious too, and something the whole family can enjoy.

Minton adds “We are committed to providing an offering that is not only healthy, but delicious too. The FruTree brand offers a fantastic range that educates adults on the difference between zero sugar, and no added sugar which is essential for ensuring a healthy future for our children. With Water Plus sales projected to rise, stock up to make sure you’re maximising your sales opportunities.”


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