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Canderel unveils ‘Sweetness Brings Us Together’ positioning

May 25, 2017, 2:00 pm

Canderel, the UK’s leading low calorie sugar alternative brand, is introducing its new positioning ‘Sweetness Brings Us Together’ to highlight the brand’s consumer-centric focus and encourage growth within the low-calorie sweetener category. The positioning will be supported by a social media campaign across both the Canderel Original and Canderel Sugarly range this May.

Based on consumer insight that sweetness is a social connector, the campaign aims to reinforce the concept of people being able to see past their differences to connect with each other in a more meaningful way – whether these connections happen over a coffee, tea or a sweet treat.

Targeted to appeal to a younger audience, the campaign will be launched on Canderel’s social media channels with three different creative videos. These depict two people debating divisive topics such as pet’s preferences (cats vs dogs), holiday destination choices (beach vs city breaks) and different music genres, and then finally reaching an agreement on a common subject and connecting over a cup of coffee.

The social media channels will drive consumers to the Canderel website, which will provide a downloadable money off coupon, encouraging trial of Canderel’s latest product, Canderel Sugarly, a sweetener with zero calories and the same taste and consistency of sugar.

Simona Mantovani, Marketing Manager at Canderel, says, “With the diabetes and obesity crisis an ongoing reality in the UK, we feel it’s our responsibility as the market leader to ensure that the Canderel positioning evolves and reflects customers changing habits. Our aim is to encourage consumers to still enjoy all their sweet moments while finding a better way to sweeten. Ultimately our goal is to change the current market dynamic with a new positioning, strong initiatives and innovation. With over 80% of the UK population rating Canderel Sugarly as good or better than sugar* but with none of the calories, we wanted to continue top of mind awareness for the Canderel range.”



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