Adnams Sole Star

Adnams releases lower alcohol recipe for Sole Star

May 17, 2017, 4:00 pm
Adnams, the Suffolk-based brewer and distiller, has released a new lower alcohol version of its popular Sole Star beer, reducing the abv to 0.9%.

The pale, amber ale features light floral and citrus aromas with gentle caramel notes to create a great tasting beer with a good level of bitterness.

Adnams Sole Star
Adnams Sole Star

Named after the brightest star in the sky (the sun!), Sole Star was originally brewed at 2.7% abv following customer demand for a full-flavoured yet lower alcohol style beer. At the end of 2016, Adnams started working on a recipe and trialling fermentation methods to lower the alcohol content even further.

The resulting beer is brewed with Crystal, Black and Munich malts, all types of barley that contribute flavour without affecting the alcohol content, combined with Chinook and Cascade hops at multiple stages to add layers of hop character.
The beer is fermented with Adnams house yeast at a lower temperature to retain all the great flavours, but minimise the alcohol content. The finished product is a deliciously light amber ale.
Fergus Fitzgerald, Head Brewer at Adnams, comments: “Brewing a beer at 0.9% abv and retaining all the flavour was a big challenge but we are really happy with the result.
“The Black Malt helps give a good colour, and the Munich and Crystal Malts give the beer its body as well as some toffee notes. The hops add a good level of bitterness and an attractive citrus character that adds a depth of flavour to the beer.”
Sole Star 0.9% is now available in 500ml bottles in Adnams Stores and online at

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