Two by Two shortbreads

Two by two boasts all-new flavour of children’s shortbread

April 18, 2017, 11:30 am

Artisan Biscuits, baker of delicious biscuits made by real people, takes the wraps off its Two by Two Peach Biscuits for children.

The new Peach Biscuits are arguably the most delicious Artisan Biscuits has created. They’re made with real peach juice and clotted cream, and have the scent of fresh peaches – guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Two by Two’s latest addition to its natural, all-butter flavoured shortbread biscuits tell a story, inspired by one of the best known and loved childhood nursery rhymes: Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Two by Two shortbreads
Two by Two shortbreads

A signature of Artisan Biscuits’ Two by Two is the intricate detailing in the biscuits themselves, which captures the characters perfectly – here is a sweet and smiley Mary and a gentle, submissive lamb.

The brand name Two by Two comes from the story of Noah’s Ark and the animals going into the ark in pairs: two by two. So, the biscuits in each pack are always two characters making a pair.

Ann-Marie Dyas, Director at Artisan Biscuits, said:

“The fragrance of these biscuits, so fresh and natural, is like burying your head in a bowl of peaches.”

Artisan Biscuits’ Two by Two Peach Biscuits is available in April priced at £2.50 RRP, from the Artisan Biscuits online store and The Fine Cheese Co. shops in Bath and Belgravia.


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