Bean bags coffee

Raw bean launches ‘bean bags’ – new pyramid coffee bags set to revolutionise the filter coffee market

April 13, 2017, 10:00 am

Available from end of March in Waitrose stores across the country (and online at, Raw Bean launches its innovative new product, Bean Bags; the first pyramid coffee bag on the market.

A one-cup, quality filter coffee offering, Bean Bags delivers a weekend coffee experience, every day.

Coffee consuming Brits will enjoy multiple benefits when switching to coffee bags from other filter or single serve options: less mess, less fuss, less waste (the bags are biodegradable).

Bean bags coffee
Bean Bags coffee

With each bag packed with 12 grams of grounds (compared to only seven grams in other coffee bags currently on the shelf), Bean Bags pack much more of a flavour punch. And like the well-known pyramid tea bag, the innovative shape of Bean Bags also ensures better infusion than its square coffee bag cousins.

Priced from £4.50 for 10 bags (or £3.75 per 100g), Bean Bags are currently available in three varieties: Breakfast Blend (strength 4), El Salvador (strength 3) and a 100% chemical free, Definitely Decaffeinated (strength 4).

Scoring over 80 on the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association) scale, all three Bean Bags blends are classified as speciality coffees and as such, will satisfy the most discerning of coffee appreciating palates.

Raw Bean Founder, Alex Cox, says: “Bean Bags are an excellent solution for coffee drinkers who are looking for convenience without compromising on quality. Not only to simplify the daily morning coffee at home experience, but also for the occasions that fresh, quality coffee is not always readily available – at the remote Airbnb or cottage rental; on the road in the campervan; at soft play or kids’ parties; on boat, fishing, camping or hiking trips… With Bean Bags, there’s no mess, no equipment required, and no need to resort to drinking instant or insipid coffee.

Bean bags range
Bean bags range

“As a quality filter coffee option, Bean Bags will mostly appeal to cafetiere users, but may also attract single-serve pod users concerned about the growing waste issue. Bean Bags are biodegradable so there’s no longer an excuse for adding to landfill in the name of enjoying a quick, easy and flavourful cup of coffee.”

Raw Bean is celebrating the launch of Bean Bags with a month long introductory offer of 33% off. Bean Bags will be available from only £3 per box of 10 (30p per 12g bag) from now until the 26th April. Visit and enter code, ‘SQUEEZEME33‘, at check out.


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