Cherry Peppers with Humous

Pelagonia launches new line in Waitrose

April 18, 2017, 9:30 am

Pelagonia announced the launch of a new product, Cherry Peppers with Humous in Waitrose stores across the UK from April 2017. Following strong sales of their popular stuffed cherry pepper range across all their markets, Pelagonia added the new line in 2016 stuffed with creamy humous.

The red cherry peppers grown in Macedonia have the spicy seeds removed, but leave a residue of heat before being stuffed with a cream humous. Suitable for both vegans and vegetarians, the product provides high levels of protein and a number of essential vitamins and minerals.

Pelagonia will continue to recommend serving suggestions via their social media channels and blog.

Cherry Peppers with Humous - loose
Cherry Peppers with Humous – loose

Philip Evans, Co-founder of Pelagonia said: ‘Stuffing peppers is a national tradition in Macedonia and we’ve been focused on only enlarging our range with new lines that honour both Macedonian food culture and current trends . We’ve seen there’s an appetite for innovation in this category and the marriage of two already popular products (cherry peppers and humous) will capture the imagination of meze and antipasti lovers.’

The 280g Pelagonia jar of Cherry Peppers with Humous has a recommended retail price of £3.69 and will run with an introductory offer to all Waitrose customers throughout April and early May.


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