Minioti jersey ice cream chocolate

Introducing the moo look!

April 19, 2017, 4:00 pm

Dairy goodness in a pot – with no added sugar. Family brand Minioti are about to lift the lid on their new look branding for their delicious range of innovative Jersey ice creams. Two of their recipes – Creamy Vanilla and Creamy Chocolate – are now even creamier too!

It’s not just Minioti’s new look that’s completely different. Minioti is unique in that their ice cream is made from 100% Jersey milk and cream, with no added sugar and healthy live cultures. Jersey milk is extra special – it is naturally lower in saturated fats, and has up to 20% more protein and calcium.

Minioti jersey ice cream vanilla
Minioti jersey ice cream vanilla

Minioti ice creams are sweetened naturally with Stevia. Its combination with the finest Jersey milk results in an incredibly rich and creamy, yet naturally sweet treat – free of refined sugar.

The range so far includes: Creamy Vanilla made using natural vanilla pods; the Great Taste 2016 award winning Creamy Strawberry made with real fruit; and Creamy Chocolate with chocolate swirls.

Available in 900ml, 500ml and 125ml pots; and 4.5 ltr Napoli trays.

Minioti jersey ice cream strawberry
Minioti jersey ice cream strawberry

Minioti was founded by Anna Boletta  and her friend of 20 years, Natasha Dowse. The Jersey mums are passionate about healthy eating, and finding alternative ingredients to ensure their products are the best – and the healthiest – they can be.

They launched the brand in the UK a little over six months ago, and all Minioti ice creams are produced by Jersey Dairy, on Jersey.

Anna said: “This is such an exciting chapter in the Minioti story. The branding has been completely updated in line with our messaging that this is a healthier ice cream for everyone to enjoy – children and health conscious adults. Our ice cream is perfect for those looking to reduce their intake of refined sugar, but don’t want to compromise on taste – and there are additional health benefits too with the addition of live cultures.”


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