Innovative bites unwrap exclusive range of Trolli treats

April 12, 2017, 2:00 pm

Confectionery powerhouse Innovative Bites, one of the UK’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of sweets and snacks, has unveiled its exclusive range of Trolli products available for the very first time in the UK.

The exclusive range incorporates eight SKU’s presented in 175g and 200g bags, including extra sour ‘DinoRex’ dinosaurs, creamy ‘Milky Cows’, sour ‘Glow Worms’, fruity ‘Super Brains’ and marshmallow ‘Blobs’.

Seasonal Halloween options are also available to retailers in the shape of Trolli’s liquid-filled 3-D marshmallow eyeballs and strawberry & cream flavoured Dracula teeth, complete with blood stained fangs.

Trolli Sour Glowworms 200g
Trolli Sour Glowworms 200g

Vishal Madhu, Founder and owner of Innovative Bites, commented, “As we continue to reinforce our position as the UK’s largest supplier of confectionery and American goods, we are delighted to secure another exclusive partnership and to bring Trolli’s mouthwatering and unique gum creations to the UK.

“Trolli is hugely successful in Europe and throughout America thanks to the brand’s flair for trends and technical know-how. We are looking forward to replicating its success here in the UK for our customers.”

From the latest American flavours to iconic retro classics, Innovative Bites is home to many of the world’s favourite sweets and snacks, providing both branded and own label products to many retailers across the UK, including ASDA, B&M Stores, Co-op, Morrison’s, Spar, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Waitrose.

Trolli DinoRex
Trolli DinoRex

The new Trolli lines are available now from Innovative Bites with a recommended retail price of £1.49.
Soft Gummies

Milky Cow  – 200g (1×15)
Super Brain – 175g (1×24)
Blobs – 175g (1×18)Playmouse – 200g (1×15)

Sour Gummies

Trolli Dracula
Trolli Dracula

Dino Rex – 200g (1×18)
Sour Glowworms – 200g (1×18)


Dracula – 200g (1×12)
Glotzer 3D Eyeballs – 75g (1×21)



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