Dardiman’s California dried fruit platter

Dardiman’s California fruit crisps

April 19, 2017, 2:00 pm

The Fine Cheese Co., maturer, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of artisan cheeses, has partnered with Dardiman’s California to launch into the UK, Fruit Crisps, a completely new, all-round partner for cheese, healthy snack and food accessory.

Dardiman’s California Fruit Crisps
Dardiman’s California Fruit Crisps

There are five flavours of Fruit Crisps to choose from: apple, tomato, pineapple, strawberry and blood orange. They can be a delicate fruit snack at any time, add charm to a cup cake, adorn an ice cream, embellish a cheese celebration cake or create a canapé.

Annie Babayan started making Fruit Crisps around her kitchen table with fruits from her own backyard: California. In making them on a larger scale, she chose not to change anything.

The fruits are picked in season from local Californian farms, and each batch is hand-selected for quality.

The perfectly ripe fruit is carefully sliced, then slowly dehydrated to preserve its natural aroma, taste and nutrients – without any preservatives, additives or sugar. It’s a one-of-a-kind product, especially as each snack pack contains just 25-30 calories per portion.

Dardiman’s California dried fruit platter
Dardiman’s California dried fruit platter

Fruit Crisps are raw, vegan and kosher. They have no added sugar, no preservatives, no sulphur, no colouring, no artificial additives of any kind and no gluten. Each crisp is vitamin rich, with much of a fruit’s vitamin content is in the rind, which is why it’s left on.

Ann-Marie Dyas, Cheesemonger and Co-Founder at The Fine Cheese Co., says:

“As a cheese company we are always on the look out for new partners for cheese. Try the sweet yet savoury Tomato Crisp with a full-flavoured Brie de Meaux, the Apple Crisp with a raw milk Cheddar and the Pineapple Crisp with an aged Gruyère- heavenly, delicate and super-fruity”.

Dardiman’s California Fruit snacks
Dardiman’s California Fruit snacks

Annie Babayan, CEO at Dardiman’s California, says:

“I am so excited that my products will be available for the first time in the UK and delighted to be in such safe hands as those of The Fine Cheese Co.”.

Dardiman’s California Fruit Crisps will be available from 1st May online, The Fine Cheese Co. Bath/Belgravia shops, delicatessens and food halls.

Fruit Crisps large packs will be £4.95 RRP and snack packs will be £1.95 RRP.


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