Broughgammon Veal Prosecco sausages

Veal, Prosecco and lemon sausages from Broughgammon Farm

March 21, 2017, 10:00 am

Broughgammon Farm, the award winning Northern Irish producer of cabrito and veal products, has launched a new Free Range Rose Veal, Prosecco and Lemon sausage.

The company, based on a family farm at Ballycastle in county Antrim, has introduced the new sausage product as part of its drive to increase awareness of veal and to develop the market for the range of products it is developing from its own free-range herd.

Broughgammon Veal Prosecco sausages
Broughgammon Veal Prosecco sausages

The new veal sausage is the first to combine prosecco and lemon balm, a herbal plant used for flavouring. The new veal sausages are available in packs of six at around £1.50.

“The new sausage is a further example of our focus on developing original products based on our expertise on raising veal and cabrito. We are continually exploring new products with different flavours that will demonstrate the quality and versatility of the two meats that we produce from our own herds on the family farm,”

Broughgammon’s Millie Cole says. “We recognise that the best way to create awareness is by means of ongoing investment in innovation,” she adds.

In addition to participating in farmers’ markets in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Broughgammon Farm operates online sales.

The small company’s strategic focus on innovative food solutions has resulted in a series of national awards including UK Great Taste Awards and from the Countryside alliance. It also gained a UK Street Food Award last year for a unique cabrito taco.

The company produces a wide range of cabrito products including bacon and gammon from its own 300 strong herd on a 48 acre farm. It also harvests and processes seaweed for sale to cosmetic and food companies as an ingredient.

The business, run by brothers Charley and Sandy Cole, introduced the herd in 2011. The hand-reared goat kids are raised on a mixed diet of milk, haylage and cereals. The result is a delicately flavoured meat, that is lean, tender, low in cholesterol and a sweeter alternative to lamb.

They subsequently diversified into rearing Holstein bull calves for free range rose veal.


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